How To Create A QR Code
April 9, 2011

QR codes are all the rage now a days. It’s a simple block like image that when scanned with a smart phone camera will take you to a web site. You can do some pretty creative things with this popular QR code such as giving away a special bonus and creating mystery to get more smart phone users to visit your sites.

Some creative methods I can think of using this would be on the back of your business card, share it on Facebook or twitter images or even add it to your product line. Depending on your market, will depend on if you want to use the QR code or not.

If it’s a younger crowd who are mostly using smart phones then a QR code would be a valid option for helping promote your business.

So how do you go about creating your own QR code for your website?

It’s actually quite simple. Google already provides this service via their URL shorter found here at Google url shortener. You will need a Google account which of course is free to do. Once you have created your shortened URL you will need to click on the details link on the right hand side. This will load up your QR image which you can copy/paste or save the image to be used. The great thing about this is it also gives you overall stats of how many times the QR image is being accessed over the last 2 hours up to all time stats.

Now that you know how to create your very own QR images it’s time to think of some creative ways to use them for your business.

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Sean Supplee

Sean Supplee is the founder and CEO of this blog, Its got my name on it! Passion drives me to help other bloggers and those looking to take their knowledge and share it with the world. Coach, Mentor, Social Strategist and Funnel Consultant.

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There are 7 comments

  • Bryan Hollis says:

    Hi Sean,

    Left you a comment at Blog Interact, but really wanted to read the whole post. I am so into mobile apps. I wrote a post about the major shift in mobile app purchases for the coming year (especially by women – sorry ladies, no harm, no foul, just true!) You can do anything with them. When I found out how to build my first mobile app, I had no idea about QR readers, only uploading through the URL of the app. Then I saw this bar code thing too and was like “what is this?”, so of course I Googled it. Anyway, unique topic, helpful topic, and wish I would have thought of writing about it!

    Good day,

  • Hi Sean,

    I didn’t know that you could get your QR code right from Google – thanks for the tip. QR codes sure are the rage today and full of functionality. How’s this for creative ideas? If one has a retail showroom, say a bathroom and kitchen shop, how about leaving QR codes in various places around the showroom. These QR codes can vary as to where they point to when scanned, maybe some can be more information – let’s say in video format – about that particular item; maybe another one can suggest complimentary items (upsell); maybe one can have a short questionnaire/survey with a reward at the end (email opt-in) – the possibilities are endless. These QR codes can also serve to keep the customers busy/happy should they have to wait to speak to a salesperson.

  • DNS Hosting says:

    Hey Sean,

    QR codes are all new information to me! I have seen the images but didn’t even know what they where about, this information will help with marketing efforts of smart phone hosting clients. As they upgrade and revamp their websites to accommodate all the new mobile applications. This helps out – thanks.

  • Nora Janine says:

    Have you tried using QR codes for affiliate marketing campaigns yet? I know a lot of ppl on tribepro suggest them for network marketing, but I am more curious about their usefulness with affiliate marketing.

  • Piyush Patel says:

    Awesome post, Sean! Keep the value coming. Take care, Piyush

  • Wendy says:

    i hear most free QR code providers link the user thru their web site before the user gets to mine, is this true? What QR code provider does not do this?

  • Sean Supplee says:

    They all do its called a redirect. Unless you have a QR creator on your own domain name (which i’m not even sure is possible) you will not be able to do what you want. The link that shows shows for a split second and then redirect to your page a lot of people will not even notice this is happening.