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How To Get Followers On Twitter
September 27, 2016


Just this year my following as surpassed 19,000 a large increase from the year before. Still a far cry from the some 320 Million users, but you can see what a massive goldmine this is if done right.

Many feel twitter has been falling off the radar with Facebooks new live feature for video which combats twitters version of periscope. However from what I have seen this is far from the case. Twitter is exploding and so is periscope. There are just some awesome features periscope offers and twitter itself that you just don’t get with Facebook. In this post we will go over to to build a larger and more responsive following for your Twitter account.

elephant-in-the-roomFirst lets address the elephant in the room.

How to get back your social share numbers for Twitter!

When Twitter made the decision a few months back to remove the share numbers from blog posts and pages I was floored and I know a number of other marketers where as well. It seemed like one of the dumbest moves ever by the company. Still unsure of why they did it besides saving cost on server bills since they are now publicly traded but there are ways around this now.

The plugin I personally use here on my blog that now allows for tracking of twitter shares is called Social Warfare.

You can also head over to and get them added to your most common plugins for free.

Lets get into building your twitter following

Your Profile – Simply put your profile needs to be complete and it would be a good idea to connect periscope and do a few broadcasts with it for your related niche you will be using the twitter account for. Example doing a marketing blog? Give out a marketing tip or two and take some questions about it.

While doing this wont instantly increase your following it will have a huge impact on those who are visiting  your profile page to see you are active, trusted and honestly human(due to the over abundance of bots on twitter)

Engage – By interacting with your followings they are more likely to mention  you in posts, comments etc. which will bring your profile and your posts more views and engagement.

Contests – Running contests is a quick way to boost your popularity. By setting up a few simple requirements to be entered such as follow me and retweet this post you are sure to increase your following and exposure. Contests can be as simple as giving away a free item or two of your product to giving away gift cards. Really the options are endless so feel free to get a little creative with it. However keep your requirements simple otherwise many people will bypass it.

Your blog or Website – You already have traffic flowing to your blog and or website so why not tap into this to stay connected with your visitors on a more personal level. Adding follow buttons or even creating a dedicated social profile page and using it on your business cards is a great way to build your active following. For example you can view mine at

Include images – Your tweets can now include images and since a image is worth a thousand words your posts now become more meaningful, eye catching and worthy of shares, comments and more!

Paid Tweets – Yup! Ever since twitter has gone public you can now boost your postings in twitter with paid tweets. A warning though this can be expensive if your not using it correctly. Be sure you target your right audience and that your post includes hash tags, something people can interact with such as your contest etc.

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