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How To Get Site Traffic To Increase Sales
April 17, 2017

One of the biggest things that holds someone back from making any type of real income online is getting visitors to their offer.

Without the right know how this can become a very expensive path to explore before you get it right.

In this article we will go over how to increase website traffic via paid methods only.

Each top will go into a bit of detail on how traffic is generated and a few tips to keep your costs under control.

Remember you main goal with any of this is to put $1 in advertising in and at least get $1 back out (breaking even)

While this might not sound all that great you must remember you will be building your customer base and list allowing you to now sell more products and services to these people to now profit at little to no costs.

Solo Ads

When your looking to build your leads this is one of the fastest methods to do so. At a cost of about $0.35 all the way up to $2 per click you can buy solo ads for the markets you are working in.

It is very important to do your research here and find the right solo ads to target for the ad you are promoting. You don’t want to promote your MLM program to a list that’s based around real estate.

Also be sure you read reviews on other people who have bought solo ads from this person. You can tell a lot based on number of sales generated for others as to how responsive this list might be.

The good news is there is a free to join site that provides such reviews which you can join here Udimi


One of the most powerful methods for building traffic to your offers. However it has also become one of the most expensive. By now every good keyword has been taken and the price has sky rocketed to the point of trying to make any type of money from these method is a real struggle.

This is where you need to start looking to alternatives.

While Google Adwords is the grand daddy of search there are still others you can use to generate low cost traffic that may covert rather well.

Some other services to try would be Bing and Yahoo.

Social Media

One of the best places to now promote your offers! Social media allows you to slip your ads in a bunch of places and offer alternatives to hard selling.

Methods might involve sending someone to your fan page first before pushing them to an offer, promotion of a free offer or free plus shipping offer or a webinar to get interested people coming to your event to listen to hear what insight you have to offer and sell them later.

Social media can be a free method of promotion as well. Below are some of the top social networks you should be adding your offers to.

Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, Flickr and Youtube


It is very important to make sure your landing page or lead capture page is mobile friendly. With over 65% of website traffic now coming from mobile traffic and this trend continuing to uptick you can see why search engines such as google are ranking sites that are mobile friendly higher.

Just by making sure your site is mobile friendly is going to put you ahead of many others.

There are a number of places you can promote on mobile as well and here are a few.

and of course Google allows you to target mobile only

Banner Ads

One of the first ever ways to market your products and services online. This method continues to be powerful but only when done right.

The best way to promote via Banner ads is to contact other sites that are related to what you are offering and then ask them for the cost of running an ad with them.

Many sites will be using ad services such as BuySellAds, BannerGarage etc. However I highly recommend reaching out to these people on a more personal level to get a possible reduction for running your ad for a longer period of time.


I hope you found the above helpful and some new ways to generate more visitors to your offers.


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