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How To Grow Your Twitter Following In 2019
February 25, 2019

Times have changed and so has marketing and how to build your social networks.

It use to be easier but now the competition is cut throat.

But don’t let that discourage you because in this post we are going to go over how to grow your twitter following in 2019 and beyond.

# 1 – Be mindful of who you follow

Who your following is going to play a huge impact on the tone and content of your twitter feed. Keep with like minded people or industries that are centered around your own business. This will encourage people to communicate with you more and interact which will grow your following naturally as you talk back in forth.

# 2 – The Right Hash Tags

Lets face it we have all stuff hash tags into our posts in hopes more poeple would notice. Well social media accounts such as Twitter now filter these out and count them as spam if to many hash tags are used. You might even consider creating your own hashtag when you grow up bigger šŸ˜€ but with that said use trending hash tags if they apply to your tweet and be sure to use the correct ones and only a few. Nothing turns people off more then a post stuffed with nothing but hash tags.

# 3 – Photos and Videos

Every one of your posts should now include a gif, video or image. If your not currently then as soon as you do you will see your engagement drastically increase.

# 4 – Don’t Buy Them

If your buying twitter followers then STOP right now. Yeah this might boost your numbers for a few days but these accounts will get closed down and flagged as bots leaving you with a drop in followers. These are also not real people which means they are never going to buy anything from you or interact with you so whats the point?

Bonus Tip

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The program I use is called you can check it out on the link above for my current giveaway.

I would highly suggest once your giveaway is up would be to post it on giveaway sites such as with some upgrades to maximize the amount of entries to your new giveaway.

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  • TinaH says:

    Great points! Hadn’t thought about who you’re following having an impact on the tone of your feed, but it makes sense.