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How To Set Up Automatic Pings in WordPress
April 12, 2011
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Most bloggers use wordpress and some that do know about wordpress auto ping every time you submit a new post. Pings are used to let search engines and other sites know your content has been updated and to come crawl it. It can take a bit of time to manually ping your site every time you create a new post so using this feature of wordpress is key to building a large successful blog.

First you are going to need to login to your wordpress admin area. From here click on Settings and then Writing on the left hand menu. This will take you to a page where you will see “update services” towards the bottom. Here is where the list of auto pings comes in. While wordpress gives you a few, I am going to give you a list of places to add to it.

While there are other services this is the list I use to allow wordpress to auto ping. I also manually submit a ping to Pingomatic and Pingler. This will help gain you a number of backlinks and also spread your RSS feed. I recommend you use Feedburner for your feed so you can track how many readers you have. Please be sure to subscribe to this blog by either grabbing my free making money online ebook in the right menu or via RSS by placing your email in the subscribe via email form above.

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  • Togrul says:

    Thanks for this post,

    I’ve already configured my wordpress settings. I think manual submitting won’t harm either.