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How To Set Up Goals In Google Analytics
April 18, 2011

Google analytics is one powerhouse tool to have when you own a blog or website. The amount of configuring you can do with the program paints a clean picture for how your business is doing. You can even track what traffic sources are producing the most conversions for you be it a sale or a new subscriber. This is achieved by setting up goals within analytics.

Steps to setting up goals in Google Analytics

Step 1: Login to your ranalytics account and click on the accounts name you wish to add the goals to.

Step 2: Click on Edit under actions

Step 3: Click Add goal under goals (set 1) and decide what type of goal you want to set up

Create a goal name (used for your own personal use as a quick refrence

Goal Types

URL Destination – Used most commonly for a lead  capture page. Match type lead as head match and fill in the Goal URL. For example my site is and I want to find out how many people visiting the page reach my thank you page (Page shown after someone opts into my email list and clicks on the confirmation link) which would be  I will input /thankyou.html into the goal url, there is no need to add the core domain name. Your goal value can represent a dollar amount. This can be used if your selling a product and you want to see how many people are converting from your sales page to the end of your order. Save your goal.

Time on site – I use this on my blogs to find out how long a person stays on my site. While this is not a dollar amount as a blogger it holds a high value to me and other bloggers as well. Set the value for however long the visitor must remain somewhere on your site before leaving. I currently have it set for 5 minutes on my blog about the time to read a post and comment on it. After a few days you will see conversion data and see what percent of your traffic is sticking around and be able to run a report to see where those people are coming from.

Pages/Visit – This is created for seeing how many pages a person views before they leave your page. Again I use this for my blog as it’s something I want to measure. Anyone that visits 5 or more pages when they come to my site will set off another goal achieved. This allows me to run a report on the data and find out also where my traffic is coming from where people click on links within my blog and explore around.

You can set up to 4 goals for each of your accounts which allows you to build on top of your analytics data and gain more insight on how your traffic is reacting to your site.

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