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How To Start Off In Affiliate Marketing
January 5, 2012

Since the start of this year and the way my business has taken a turn in being more direct with clients I have had a number of questions come to me. They all center around how do I get started. Below are a few tips to get you started in the right direction and make 2012 a prosperous year for yourself.

The key to any of this is finding something you enjoy doing. Do you enjoy writing? Do you enjoy contacting people one on one? or do you enjoy building and creating new things?

The internet has so many roads to take that many get caught up in trying to figure out what to do instead of picking a path and going full steam ahead. This is the biggest mistake I see people make as it limits you in what you can learn and what you can earn. This is because your time and money is split up into so many avenues that there is not enough power behind any one of them to make something of it.

If you enjoy writing then I recommend you start a blog and stick to it. Blogging is still a very profitable niche and if you enjoy writing then creating content for it will be easy and not feel so much as a job. Blogging however does take a few months before you will see any amount of decent traffic coming to it. But with teaching yourself some SEO basics such as on Google Sniper 2.0 you can quickly master it and start driving serious amounts of traffic.

If you don’t mind writing but don’t want to go full blown blogging then the next thing I recommend is starting your own email list in the making money online niche. There are so many products and services you can promote to this list that you will always have something to sell to them or even give them for free. You will need an auto responder for this and the one I always recommend is AWeber as it has out performed any other auto responder I have used.

For building your list your going to need a few things, a website or squeeze page, an auto responder and something to give away. Master Resell Rights has a large collection of great products you can give away to entice people to join your mailing list. Once they are on your mailing list you can continue to offer them free products to download from here and also throw in a recommended product or service which they need to pay for. This is where your money is made.

For those of you who like creating things then building a membership site is the way to go. Your membership site should have something that’s activated monthly or a software program that requires a key monthly. This will ensure those paydays keep coming in month after month instead of just a one time payment. If you have the skills yourself (programers) by all means go for it and feel free to contact me for help in starting out with your projects. Alternatively if you do not have the skills consider hiring someone that can create your ideas from sites like Elance or

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