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How to track social media for your business
October 20, 2011

With the release of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others many businesses have been swept up and are using it to promote their business. However the clear picture of what the goals for a business (profits) has been blurred. The main focus to any business is conversion rates and increasing overall profits.

What’s needed is a way to track your social engagements on social networks and see if the interactions on it and time invested are providing more conversions for your business and thus more income. If it;s not and you see your conversion rates the same as what they used to be then action needs to be taken in order to get more social engagements to visit your site and ultimately buy from it.

One method many businesses fall into is the game of more followers equals better and more responsive results. This could be further from the truth as just having a few highly active followers could mean more to your business then a few thousand inactive. It’s because social media marketing is about getting your message spread. The more active people retweeting and reposting your message the further your reach is. This allows you to quickly expand your audience and increase exposure for more profits. Give your loyal fans a reason or some type of reward for sharing with others.

The most difficult metric to measure is that of the loyalty of your followers and mentions on social networks. Are the comments and posts positive and reinforcing your brand or are they hurting and painting a bad picture for your business and rep. The best way to go about this is to track any mentions you find of your business and if it is a negative comment try your best to comment back and resolve the issue for that member. If visitors see you taking an active part to resolve any issues that might arise your stock in trust and loyalty will often rise.

Taking action and being proactive with your social media should yield you an increase in your opt in rates and your overall sales. By keeping on top of it and using general sites such as Klout or Sprout Social you can give yourself an idea of how your social media interactions are doing along with giving you a good idea of who your audience is so you can customize your ads and offers to meet their needs.

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