Video Marketing
How To Use Video Marketing For Your Business
April 27, 2012

Video is becoming a popular way to get in touch with your subscribers and give them a more personal and professional appeal to your overall business. However with new companies and even entrepreneurs starting out with video some big mistakes can be made or overlooked. This article will pinpoint the key steps and features you should be including in your video marketing brand.

Educate before you sell

When creating your video the last thing you should do is pitch them a sale. People searching for content are looking for something helpful and if you provide them with the answer they will be grateful. By providing helpful and educational content around your product you will build a trust with them allowing you to push the sale more easily later on.

Meta Tag Information Is Important

Since videos have no content that can be crawled by search engines it’s important to tag your videos correctly with the right keywords. These tags and short description are what’s going to be used by Google and other search engines to index your video. By pinpointing relevant keywords along with popular keywords in your niche you will be able to both pinpoint your traffic and benefit from various traffic sources.

Media Sharing

The ability for people to be able to share your video on Facebook, Twitter and other networks is important to building traffic to it. Above all make sure the link back to your video displays your video in a clear and easy to access area. The last thing you want to do is have someone click on your link and have to search half way down your page for the video they want to watch. Easy access to this data is going to keep your new visitors at your page for longer.


Since videos are shared all over the net, branding your videos will make sure that your business is front and center no matter where your video links end up. By having a quick introduction that’s 5 seconds long that displays your companies name and url will yield huge benefits for getting traffic to your main url as your videos go viral.


Once you have a number of videos up and running you can use the information video networks give you such as Youtube. This information can be used to see what tags are drawing the most traffic for your niche and what information your giving has the most comments and visitors being active with it. This information can then be used to produce better videos that address common questions in your niche.

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  • Mark Brown says:

    Hi Sean,

    Great article, do you use a program or service to distribute your videos? If so will you write an article on which one you like?



  • Another great post Sean. I have seen some pretty bad videos out there where I think people just throw something together and don’t do enough research before making their videos. So great advise. Thanks again.

  • You could do something like this with a sound recorder, and adobe after effects. You would just make a slideshow of images that is timed to your voice.

  • thnak sfor sharing the best tips about video marketing . video marketing is important to promote our business