How To Write The Perfect Opener
June 10, 2011

Creating an opening subject line for your emails is important. However this is only half the battle as the next step is to keep them reading on. By creating the perfect opener you can convert your email marketing by improving your click thru rates within your emails once they are open. In this post I will be going over a number of ways to create interesting intros that keep your email subscribers reading on.

The Gary Halbert “If-Then” Intro

This is one of the easiest to implement into your email campaigns and ends up getting right to the point. The system is powerful and works like this for example: “If you are struggling getting traffic to your websites, then this is the most important message you will ever read” of course this message can be formatted in any way you wish. The first part should address a common issue that is keeping people from reaching their goals. The second part will back up why they should keep reading on though the entire message you are about to present to them. Another example would be “If you are serious about making a full time income online, then you need to pay close attention to the information I am about to give you.”

Another tip is to include a lot of you’s in your email copy such as…
“If you are reading this then that means…”
“Are you having trouble losing weight, then you need this…”
“You’ve been there and done that, these tired old methods no longer work and you need this…”

It places a sense of why this person needs what you are selling, or offering. You need to address this one person. What I see many marketers do that are starting out is including things like… All of you, a few people, a number of you etc. These sayings do not direct to this one person reading your email. Instead of thinking about your list as a whole bunch of people think of it as your talking directly to one person face to face.

Another method that is effective as an affiliate marketer is to give your own personal experience about what the product or service has done for you. Doing so builds a sense of trust and if this product worked for you there’s no reason it should not work for them. The key here is to be HONEST don’t hype up your claims. If you made $17 from a $3 investment then say so. While the numbers are not high they are still honest and people look up to that. They then begin to wonder if you can invest $3 and make $17 back then what if I do this 100 times and turn $300 instead $1,700!

The final method I have used with success is by asking questions people reading the email can answer yes to. It is very important to know who your target audience is in this case. You want to make sure the question(s) you are asking in the opening of your email are ones that the reader can say yes to. You never want to ask a question your readers can say no to. By creating this question your reader can answer yes to, you instantly create a bond with them as they want to read on and know more about what you are talking about.

Now get out there and write some killer openers and push your sales to all new levels.

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