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How Viral List Builders Improved My Business
October 25, 2011

Viral list builders have played a good deal in the amount of new opt ins I get for my business over the last two months. Because of that I thought they were worthy of their own post. Viral list builders allow you to join for free or upgrade and instantly email thousands of their members.  There are also a few other advertising methods within the program such as text and banner links to help convert even more of those members into your business.

Getting into the facts about these list builders: there are a lot of them and you need to take that into account when finding the right ones. Over my tracking the last 2 months I have  written up a report of the top 5 list builders that you will find posted below.  Here are a few things you need to look for when deciding if you should spend your time or money there.

1. How many members are currently on the list builder? If  they have anything over 1,000 then you should be in good hands, however do a test email to as many members as you can and see how many of your emails get opened. Some of these are poorly designed and result in very low open rates and surprisingly some have no opens at all!  A higher open rate means more chances to convert people to your own list.

2. How well is the design? If the sites graphics are poorly done you can be sure that the active membership there is low or small. Give the site a good look over to see if it’s worth your trouble. Yes I know, don’t judge a book by its cover, but with most websites you can tell a lot about the site owner and the membership base based on the looks.

Knowing these two things will help you find your own list builders to take part in. I use these list builders every 3 days as that is how often most of the upgraded membership levels allow you too. It’s important to stick to this and to create different catchy subject lines to increase the amount of people opening your emails. If you have extra credits I recommend transferring them into text impressions, as many of the mailers include these text links within the emails that are sent out.

My top List Builders

1. ListAblaze
2. List Bonus
3. State of the art mailer
4. Adchiever
5. The Lead Magnet

Sticking to the 5 above is a sure fire way in building your lead base in which to sell to. There are many others and there are programs that help track and show you what ones are on their game. Feel free to grab a membership at Traffic Hoopla for the top ranking list builders and also Viral mail profits to help with tracking and organizing your list builders.



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There are 3 comments

  • Andrew Stark says:

    Hi Sean

    That’s a great point about the design and feel of any new safelist / viral list builder. If it looks like crap then the launch phase won’t generate enough new members to turn it into a powerhouse that keeps on growing and growing.

    Nice list, but I would also add ListSurfing and make it a top 6 as I get a massive amount of traffic from the mailer. It’s also got brilliant social media branding on all your hits which is a great added bonus to the convential opt-in leads it generates.


  • I gave up using list builders some time ago as I did not find that they increased my optins although I have not tried the ones you list. I always found that they were full of people just promoting their biz op or MLM program. They are not recommended by the majority of internet marketers I know.

  • Hi Sean.

    I was checking out your blog, you did an awesome job. Looks really great!