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Hummingbird Review Twitter Application
January 13, 2010
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Are we not all out there to get as many twitter followers as possible? Just 2 months ago I decided to gain as many followers as possible in my one account and see how it went. Since then I am now pushing close to 10k followers(visitmaniac) and would have had more but did not do it every 48 hours.

While there are many tactics to get followers on twitter this one concentrates on one. This method has been used with much success and is simple, I follow you and you follow me back.

Hummingbird allows you to do this quickly and with just a few mouse clicks automates the process for you, leaving it to run in the background while you work or play. It allows you to manage your accounts easily if you have more then one ( I use one for each of my web sites and for my name).

This is what the program looks like. I would say it is it’s own stand alone browser. Your main functions are at the top. Home, Back, Forward, refresh your everyday basics but here is where it starts to get good. “Twitter Account”allows you to add and manage all of your accounts. Simply click on it and from the pull down menu select the account you wish to login to.

Once you are logged in it will look just like your own twitter account but here is the method you should be using to gain maximum results. I even tied this into another web site to help you out more.

  1. Search for people in your marketplace, you don’t want to be adding people who are movie buffs to join your internet business per say. You are looking for other network marketers and big names in the field. To do this visit Twellow Directory. This directory allows you to type in a keyword and search for people related in that field. Find what their twitter account is and load it up in hummingbirds application.
  2. Once you are at this persons twitter profile you will see three links at the top right. They are following, followers and listed, you are going to want to click on followers.
  3. After you do so give it a few seconds to load and in the bottom right of the hummingbird application will be a button that says follow all. Simply click on this button and the program will begin to add people to your following list.
  4. Give it 24 -48 hours for these people to follow you back. Load up hummingbird and click on following under your own profile. This will color code everything as to the people you are following but not following you back or people that are mutual followers. Click on the unfollow all button and this will only unfollow those that have not returned the favor clearing you room to add more people you follow.
  5. Repeat about every 48 hours and you will quickly start to see your followers grow to all new highs in a short amount of time.

Quick Tip

Keep posting tweets on your account while you are doing this process. While some can be ads do not make all of them ads and start to interact with people. This will get your twitter username out there even more and gain you additional followers.

This program is nearly 100% automated and saves you a ton of time each day. Once you set it up it will continue to drive followers to your site with minimal efforts on your part and save you time.

If you are interested in picking yourself up a copy of the hummingbird application please do so here. Hummingbird Application (Please take note I am an affiliate of this program and will earn a commission from any orders made from it. This notice is to abide by the new FTC rules. This allows me to write honest reviews on many products and keep this site running. Thank you for your support)

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