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Instagram Marketing and Pinterest Marketing Tailwind Review
May 28, 2019

I signed up with a marketing automation software called Tailwind and after months of use I wanted to create my review on it. Down below is a video going over how I use this free marketing automation tool for my Instagram marketing and Pinterest marketing.

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Tailwind can be used for both Instagram marketing as well as Pinterest marketing. It is part of the automated marketing I started in 2019 and continue to advance in. I believe strongly that marketing automation will become a pivotal part of marketing as we continue forward and staying on top of it is key.

How this works is you have a number of images pre-created for Instagram as well as Pinterest and then set them on a schedule. This schedule then automates the posting with the correct hash tags and description. The setup process is one time and you can set pins as well as Instagram posts months ahead of time.

With Pinterest marketing the pins are automatically place on the board you have selected. There is no extra work that needs to be done on your part. Tailwind does offer a Tribes system which allows you to gain more exposure from tribe members are they repin your pins to their own boards and share them.

With Instagram marketing the process is not fully automated, however it can quickly be done on your phone in under one minute. When your post is ready you will receive a text notification. This text will include a link where you will have your description and tags you can copy and then your image. Simply hold your finger down on the image, click share, select Instagram and post it as well as pasting in the description and tags you just copied.

While not everything can be automated this is one of the processes in which I would recommend automating. Its a good idea to have a least one post going out on Instagram and Pinterest per day just to keep up engagement on your profile.

Then you can surround that with story posts and just normal every day posts as you see fit. What is important here is you now have a constant flow of new engaging content being delivered to your social networks with much less effort.

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