Introduction To CPA
March 31, 2011

CPA or cost per action is a new market I got into a few months back. It has been proving to be rather profitable since I started with it. What got me  involved was the launch of Media Traffic Meltdown which helped take my CPA advertising to the next level.

What exactly is CPA?

CPA stands for Cost Per Action, which means you get paid per action for the visitor to your link. This action can be anything from inputting a zip code or email address, buying the product, downloading a game and more. Simple tasks such as inputing an email can be less then a dollar to a few dollars and buying a product can be upwards of $50. It is easy to see with the right CPA offers in the right areas you can quickly start to build income streams.

What do I need to do to be approved for a CPA network?

Most CPA networks such as Neverblue or Maxbounty are looking to make sure you are a real person. Do not be surprised if they call you and ask you a few questions. The best way to be approved is show them a site of yours such as a blog or product website and let them know your methods of promotion will be media buys, list building, on site advertising etc.

What are some popular methods to drive traffic to my cpa offers?

There are both free methods and paid methods. Free methods take time to set up but the great thing about them is you then keep 100% of the profits. Paid methods piggy back off of other traffic sources and will require management and tweaking in order to keep profitable.

Free methods – Video marketing on youtube and other video networks, ebooks, list building and putting ads on your blogs

Paid methods – Media buying on others blogs and websites, creating a blog centered around a few cpa products.

Within the next month I will be launching a brand new product called Take Action CPA which will outline everything I did to be accepted into the CPA networks and how I made my first profits with them. Until then expect some more tips about CPA marketing.

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