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Investing In Yourself – Why It’s Important
July 10, 2019

It never occurred to me before that investing in yourself should be your number on priority. I was always told to help others before helping myself and while yes this is a good thing as I got older my views on this have shifted and I believe for the better.

I strongly believe that money is not evil. Money instead emphasizes the person you truly are. If you are a good person money enables you to make a larger impact and do more good in the world. If you are bad, well money allows you to do more bad in the world.

I like to consider myself a good person, one that looks out for others and enjoys giving others a little extra push when they might be struggling after putting forth massive effort. I believe there are good people and that sometimes doing something unexpected and kind for someone makes a massive impact on their life that could possibly change it forever.

So what exactly do I mean by investing in yourself first ?

Investments in yourself such as daily reading, learning, investing, creating etc are all building blocks to get you to your own goals. All of these provide good value and by being a person of value it increases your wealth. Your wealth then can be used how you see fit (hopefully good).

What are some things you can do to invest in yourself ?

  • Reading books both pleasure and educational
  • Creating courses from the information you learned
  • Writing blog posts to help others
  • UPVOTING and curation good quality content (builds followers, and networking)
  • Network with like minded people who have visions and goals as you do
  • Become debt FREE. If you carry ANY debt or loans focus on paying them fully off asap
  • Invest in something you believe will give you a positive return on your money
  • Relax, recharge and refocus when you need it
  • Create income streams If your job is your own form of income right now you need to expand!
  • Side hustles – use the extra profits to build the aboveSome important things to remember…

It might not feel like you have time to do these things but in fact you do! You just need to change priorities.

Watching Netflix for a hour each night? Read a book instead for a hour

Have a long drive to work and back home ? Get an audio book or course to listen to on your drive

Get a morning coffee each day ?
STOP make your own if you can’t live without it or cut it fully out of your morning. Then consider using that money into investments in stocks, realestate, savings accounts etc.

There are literally so many small things you can change in your days that enable you to invest in yourself. Small changes add up over time and you wont see instant results. Do it for a week and recap on how that went, then a month and then a year. I think you will be blown away and get addicted to investing in yourself after you see all you have accomplished after a year.

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Sean Supplee

Sean Supplee is the founder and CEO of this blog, Its got my name on it! Passion drives me to help other bloggers and those looking to take their knowledge and share it with the world. Coach, Mentor, Social Strategist and Funnel Consultant.

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  • joe rosenberg says:

    stepping out of your comfort zone can be difficult. try different things and challenge yourself, too.