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October 13, 2011

When you come to think about your business and email marketing the first thing that might come to mind is building a list and marketing products to it. However what about all the emails you send out every day via your newsletter and other normal day activities?

Many companies do not take the time to create a signature to put in the bottom of every email that goes out. Doing so provides many advantages and also gains you more exposure for your business. This simple feature is easy to implement and with a few guide lines you have a professional looking signature that converts.

  • Keep it short, limit yourself to at max 6 lines and 65 characters wide. Keep your most important information at the top and consider creating different versions of it.
  • Keep the information relevant to yourself and your business. Include things such as Name, Title,Company tag line, Phone number, Website url, Email address and maybe even a small Logo. Other social networking links are also good such as your Facebook fan page, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube. Remember to only use the most relevant to your business.
  • Consider offering something extra for free within your signature. A free trial offer to another service you offer that only your existing members of this site are going to see.
  • Use plain text whenever possible. Since not all emails provide HTML email, using plain text ensures your message is being seen and not being blocked by virus scans, non HTML email clients and other unforeseen matters.
  • If you are going to use HTML and plain text make sure to always include the http:// in front of your url. Plain text emails will only create a link that is able to be clicked if the http:// is included
Using a professional signature at the bottom of your emails will reinforce your message and your business brand.

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