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January 2019 Traffic and Stats
February 2, 2019

Happy to report I was really able to up the game finally getting over that cold I had all of December that really slowed things down. That along with a new year always builds new motivation in me.

February Goals

  1. Giveaways are progressing nicely so I am ramping up the prizes for them and also currently working on a site that should be finished mid February. That site should launch shortly after so about the 15th -20th of this month I will have a big announcement in that area.
  2. Continue to build the email list, get a template built to use in Aweber that will post to list on every new blog post that is created.
  3. Ramp up Pinterest posts to 5 -10 a day instead of the currently 1-3 a day I am at now. This includes 1 daily quote, 2-3 blog posts at the moment. This will move to 1 daily quote, 4-8 blog posts, 1 giveaway post.
  4. Build out a Pinterest training course that I will be selling.


I have been considering tossing out Alexa and SimilarWeb and just going with Google Analytics as we move forward.

Alexa – 464,130 Dwon from 515,187 Reduction of – 51,057 (reduction is good)
91% of all traffic from the USA
Global Rank – NA
United States – NA
Category Rank – NA
I recently connected this into Google Analytics which takes 3 months to finally get the averages so I am waiting on that at the moment.
Google Analytics
Traffic Flow
80.29% Direct
2.48% Links
0.02% Search (ouch going to have to up that)
17.22% Social
0.00% Mail (I expect for this number to start going up as we roll out Aweber Blog Followup)
0.00% Display (I might start to venture into this late Feb. when the Pinterest course is completed)

Social Pull

41.71% Reddit
40.43% Twitter
13.57% Pocket
2.27% Pinterst
2.03% Facebook
1.98% Youtube

New Posts

Social Following

Facebook – 5,388 Increase of 426
Twitter – 25,300 Increase of 600
Youtube – 4,494 Increase of 640
Google+ – Is being shut down April 2nd so no longer will be using this
Pinterest – 16,100 Increase of 2,600
Linkedin – 14,365 Increase of 252

Social Breakdowns


Videos uploaded – 5

I get detailed stats like the above via a system called VidIQ which does have a free version. It will help you add the best keywords, description, title and steps to optimize your videos for maximum views. Just click the button below to signup for free.

Get VidIQ For Free Click Here

One thing to know about youtube is when you first start out your going to see crazy spikes that seem to come out of no where. This is when your videos start to go “viral” or simply look like good recommendations of videos that are performing well that will show at the end of others videos etc. Search and Suggested views are the life on Youtube.


I hope you like these monthly reports I believe I will keep doing them as it gives me a good over cap of how the business is doing, areas I can improve or might need attention etc.

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