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Landing Page Design For 2012
January 16, 2012

Landing pages are always evolving and now with the new year here there are a number of changes you should do to update your current landing pages to maximize their results. While the basics still remain intact there are a number of new and innovative ways to get even better results from your pages.

Get Mobile!

With more users surfing the web via their mobile phones you need to make sure your landing pages grab attention and look good on mobile browsers. The issue just like with any web design is creating a page that is friendly to all types of phones. Since every phone has different screen sizes, browsers and colors you need to narrow it down to a simple layout and a clear area for the call to action. This call to action should be name and email address so you can sell this mobile user later on, perhaps when they are home on their desktop computer or laptop. For an already existing website be sure your tracking your results. I love Google analytic because it also shows me how that person is viewing my site via a smart phone or not. Being able to see what the majority of my visitors are using allows me to customize that design to work best for that phone type.

Clear Call To Action (Flash Is Out HTML5 and CSS3 Are In)

You might have noticed flash is on its way out and being quickly replaced with HTML5 and CSS3. With their new platforms you can do  many things with these programming languages now. Keeping things simple and painting a clear uncluttered picture is the fresh way to go this year. Visitors want to know what they should do next and your site should clearly show them how otherwise they will quickly leave your page and go on to visit something else.

Large images, Videos and Social Networking

Large images on a background with your clear site content overlaying it gives your site an amazing look. For example The Outdoor shop is a clean cut design large beautiful photo and then easy to find content without any scrolling. Also be clear to add your Facebook fan page and other social networks you use to this page allowing easy following.

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