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List Building Requires an Action Plan
November 2, 2011

Weather your promoting a new product, your own site or a company newsletter an action plan is needed to optimize it. By following the action plan in this post you will be able to construct effective email marketing campaigns that get you results.

The first thing you need to figure out is the goal of your email campaign. Is it driving more traffic, making a sale or an important announcement? Here is a list of things that get results on your email campaigns.

  • Create compelling headlines, subheadlines and descriptions. The message needs to be clear however triggering interest and a sense of curiosity is very important.
  • Create a sense of urgency. Anymore people get blasted with emails so they need to know they have to act fast in order to get something. Create a special deal or a limited time access to some great content of yours.
  • Offer a one of a kind deal to your email subscribers only. Give them a reason to want to stay on your list by being part of an elite exclusive list.
  • If your offering a deal or some type of product to buy put them the closest to the check out as you possibly can. If they clicked then they are already interested. The fewer steps till they make payment the higher your conversions will likely be.
  • When you can include honest real testimonials from others. If there is a leader or important figure in your niche and you can get their testimonial on something you can expect higher sale rates.

Other important factors in your list building are your welcome email which you will want to either introduce yourself, your company or the product you are directly selling. Adding avenues for the new opt in to reach you, such as your Facebook fan page, support ticket system, twitter and other networks will help build a sense of trust.

Triggered messages are follow up messages that reinforce the sale either pushing the sale again or building upon why they should be using this product. These messages should be staggered over a number of days and continue to build trust and reinforce your goal.

Share functions are great features of some auto responders such as Aweber. They allow you to add your email messages as a blog post, facebook message and a tweet. These are a great way to build extra exposure for your selling emails.

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