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List Building With Giveaway Events
September 2, 2010
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One of the first methods I used when I started to build my first list was by joining giveaway events. A giveaway event is just how it sounds. You give something of value away to this membership site in exchange for these members to join your list. Below are a few important steps to take when joining a giveaway event…

1) Create a unique product that caters to the type of give away event you are joining. You will increase your conversions and maximize the benefits of sucking up as many people from the event as possible.

2) Consider taking one of the one time offers to maximize your commissions and points to push your product to the top of the charts.

3) If there is a section to add  your profile do so. Consider reading my about me post to get some information on what to write.

When you join a give away event many are set up the same way. You join for free but have the option to upgrade your account to gain more commissions for anyone you refer to the site and points which are used to rank your product or products. Having your product rank on the first page is important, be sure to check back daily. You will want to join each of these give away events as a contributor and not a member. This will give you a few bonus benefits including getting your product added early before the mass of members join the site.

I have a free eBook my friend Jerry Iannucci wrote at JV Giveaway Tactics. It also has a updated copy of any giveaway events coming up that you can join in early on.

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  • Thanks for the reminder. I guess I better go update my list of giveaway events 🙂

  • Hi Sean

    JV giveaway events are a great way to build a list. I took part in my first one last month and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the good advice on how to get the best out of a giveaway event.

    Michelle Jayes
    Online Income Opportunities

  • jv giveaway says:

    Hi Sean,

    Great advice on the OTO. At one recent giveaway the OTO entitled you to submit three gifts instead of one. You would think that would get you … three times the subscribers … right? Nope … got me almost four times the normal 8-10 subscribers I usually get at a jv giveaway.

    Good advice.