ListAblaze – Launches Unique List Builder
June 3, 2011

There has been a number of list builders that have launched since last year. After using countless numbers of them I decided to create my own and take all the features I like and did not like about them and create my own unique list building system. What I came up with is this site

ListAblaze gives you instant access to a buyers list and allows you to tap into this list to create sales, opt ins for your own list, leads for your MLM business and traffic/buyers for your own products.

Unique features of ListAblaze

– Unique custom built mailer makes sure a high number of your emails are delivered to our members. While 100% is never achievable with email marketing we strive to keep a very high percent. This mailer also eliminates dead accounts making sure you get what you pay for.

– Rewards system that rewards our active users with prizes keeping them clicking on ads and viewing your offers. This helps build a strong community membership and eager members who want to see your ads.

– Giveaway events, have an ebook, video or some type of helpful product you giveaway to build your lists? Add it to our system and start gaining opt ins for the life of the site.

– Credit system, simple yet effective. Members earn 3 different types of credits.

1 – Email credits for clicking on emails used to send emails out to the database
2 – Banner credits earned when clicking on banners allows members to add their own banners to the system
3- Text credits earned when clicking on text ads allows members to add their own text ads to the system

All of these unique features gives you what I believe to be the best list builder out there and increase your traffic flow, buyers and leads for your business.

While you can grab a free account there are 3 one time offers you should consider.

The best offer is a $197/yearly deal you will see first that will give you one of our highest level memberships and unique bonuses you will not find on any other offer. These are re-branding rights along with a massive traffic bonus from my list building ebook at Take Action List Building and 5 other high quality ebooks built to help you in your list building.

If the $197 price tag is to high I also have a $97/yearly deal for our mid level upgrade plus a large bonus package of credits to get your ads up and running right away.

For the final offer you can upgrade your account to our mid level upgrade for just $17 a month instead of the normal $47 a month cost a huge savings which also comes with a bonus package.

Grab your membership at ListAblaze today by clicking here

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