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January 28, 2010
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When I first started using twitter my first question was how would I make sense of all of this information coming at me. After your list starts to grow in the hundreds or let alone thousands it becomes very difficult to keep track of who is tweeting about you and trying to stay connected with them.

There are some programs out there that will allow you to send automated messages for each person that follows you thanking them. However I feel this is a bit to spammy and often times it discourages me to really consider this person serious. I wanted a more personal touch and to be able to manage everything efficiently.

Thats when I ran into tweetdeck, a software package, free to download that makes all of this easier to manage and keep connected with thousands of other tweeters giving it that personal touch. You can download your copy of tweetdeck at They are on top of their game over at tweetdeck by always updating the software. It now allows you to connect into twitter, facebook, myspace and linkedin all from one central platform.

I want to point out a number of awesome features that come with tweetdeck to manage your twitter account. The first of which is the ability to translate what you tweet about into many different languages such as Chinese, French, German and Japanese just to name a few.
The icon for this looks like this…

This allows me to communicate with thousands of other people via twitter I would not have been able to otherwise. When they tweet me back a message I can translate what they say back into English making this one powerful and easy to use tool.

The second feature I like about tweetdeck is just the little things it does such as with hash tags. When replying to someone with a hash tag with tweetdeck simply click reply to this person and it will place in their name and the hash tag at the end of the tweet.

Third feature is with shortening URL’s, this took a bit of time before having to visit a website like tinyurl and inputting my main link then copy and pasting the new tinyurl into my tweet. But with tweetdeck it allows me to type in my main url and once completed will automatically transfer it into a shortened url without me having to do any additional work.

If you would like to view even more features of tweetdeck please check out their video on youtube or visit their site to pick up a copy at

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  • Solomon Huey says:

    I agree, Tweetdeck IS a really cool tool, so glad I found it back in the day.

    I’d personally recommend getting it ASAP because once your list on twitter gets big, it will be really tough to go back and start organizing people on it! 🙂

    Solomon Huey
    .-= Solomon Huey´s last blog ..Internet Marketing, Xbox 360, and Apples New iPad =-.

  • Hmm, I noticed twitter HAS been getting a little crazy recently (as my list grows)… I’m checking out tweetdeck now.

    Thanks Sean!

    .-= Garrett Miller´s last blog ..Comic Books, Donald Trump and You! =-.

  • This seems like a very useful utility. I am only following about 150-200 people, while 800 are following me. I don’t really think I need Tweetdeck yet but when I start to explode I will definitely keep this in mind. Thank you for the heads up!
    .-= Steven | The Emotion Machine´s last blog ..How To Combat Work Overload =-.