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March 2019 Traffic and Stats Report
April 3, 2019

Rather productive month again! In fact I think it was more productive then the month before it seems to be a snow ball effect where I just keep pushing forward now.

One of my biggest milestones this month was the goals I hit with my Youtube channel! Lets dive into the report…

Looking Back To March Goals

  1. Continued giveaways in fact the turnout has increased by over 50% and I expect for it to go higher. As some partnerships start to kick in here soon those prizes will climb.
  2. Pinterest course again got put on the back burner and I instead created the 4 day Instagram course which is FREE. Check it out here – 4 Day Instagram Marketing Course
  3. Pinterest postings however where on track of about 15 and a number of days I hit that 26 a day mark. Its a bit of work in which I am in the process of automating the longest parts of it. Views also increased from 100k to nearly 350k!
  4. ClickFunnels has been pushed but just say of the $1,000 mark. The training and value however from the videos is priceless as it has helped out so many people already that to me is worth more then any $ value.

April Goals

  1. Continue giveaways but line up partnerships on future ones
  2. Build that dang Pinterest course its going to be a beast of a project
  3. Clickfunnels Affiliate Commission to $1,500 + big plans for free courses etc that will lead into ClickFunnels.
  4. Build at least 1 high value youtube video a week on marketing automation (This has become my new passion)


Alexa – 411,426 Up from 391,344 not bad but could be better I have a feeling it was due to the lack of posts only 2 this month compared to the normal 4.
93.5% of traffic from the USA up .5% (Note I will be cutting out Alexa its crap for true rankings, Similar web is directly connected into my google analytics now)
GlobalRank – 449,075
United States – 146,374
Category Rank – Business and Industry – 45,084
Monthly Visitors – 96,855
Google Analytics
Traffic Flow

84.38% – Direct
6.71% – Links
0.00% – Search (ouch)
8.9% – Social

Social Pull
40.15% – Reddit
31.12% – Facebook
28.73% – Twitter

New Posts

Facebook – 5,879 Increase of 88
Twitter – 25,400 Decrease of 400( Twitter seems to have trashed a bunch of accounts again saw followers drop on other accounts)
Youtube – 5,322 Increase of 114
Pinterest – 18,100 Increase of 400
Linkedin – 14,696 Increase of 136


Videos Uploaded – 5

Some solid numbers from Youtube this month.
Views are up nearly 2,000 and most of those came from suggested and search! Those are always my fav as its a viral aspect of Youtube which requires no extra work of me.

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