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Marketing Automation and Why It’s So Important
June 18, 2019

Marketing automation may seem new to you but I bet you are currently using it in some form already. In general marketing automation is all about taking daily tasks and systems within your business and automating them to save time, money and create a better customer experience. If done correctly you will actually make more money from your business. Watch the video below for a general idea about marketing automation systems.

Here are 4 reasons why marketing automation is important.

#1 – Saving Time On Recurring Tasks

The most familiar form of automation is email marketing. A follow up sequence of emails that leads a cold prospect through days of emails warming them up to buying your products and services. This form of automation has been around for years however there is much more to marketing automation now.

Another form could be your postings to social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest. This process can be automated to the point of what use to be a daily task down to months worth of work for 2 hours of your time now setting it up. The system I use personally for this is called Tailwindapp and you can try it out for free by clicking here.

#2 – Overlooking what is going on in your business

I would say this is one of the most powerful tools you will get from setting up marketing automation in your business. By setting up funnels and systems which interconnect under one platform you can get a birds eye view of everything running within your business. You will be able to make better decisions and quickly figure out what is working and what is not and make changes on the fly seeing how it converts in real time.

The system I personally use for this is ClickFunnels and you can grab your free trial by clicking here.

#3 – Consistency

By creating systems and flows within your business you can track your customers and visitors progression in your business and trigger unique events to happen based on their actions. This creates a consistent flow for your customer but also does it in a way that is unique to that customer. While it may take time to setup the amount of time you save and income you generate from your flows will be worth every second invested.

#4 – Improved Sales

At the end of it all you should have a smart easy to follow sales funnel process with triggers for different actions your visitors/customers can take. Must of it will come down to lead nurturing for all the new visitors coming into your funnel but also for your existing customers and catering unique products to them based on their buying habits. You can quickly figure out who are your highest paying customers and offer them unique packages compared to those picking up lower priced products form you.

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