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Mass Article Control Review
January 24, 2010
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When I first started writing content and posting articles over a year ago I realized one thing, “Content Is King”. But writing all of that content was time consuming and if I wanted to post the same article on multiple article directories I had to write a new one for each. The reason for this is if your article is an exact duplicate it will only be indexed for one site leaving the rest off of the search results. While this would still drive traffic from the other articles it would limit them as they would not be listed on Google.

I searched for an extended time to find a product or service that would make this task shorter and allow me to push more quality content out. I took a look into article spinners but it made the text for the article unreadable for the most part as it jumped all over. I continued to look and found a product that was highly recommended by a few people. I want to go over with you exactly how this software works so you can judge it for yourself.

Mass Article Control ScreenShot
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The screen shot above shows you exactly what you will be getting with mass article control. The system is easy to use and already comes preloaded with thousands of synonyms. Simply paste in your core article to mass article control and click on each word. If there is a synonym for it it will show up in a list format, simply click add selected to replace that word with a like one. The more you can add with the sentence sounding correct the better off you will be.

Another method used is by selecting whole sentences and replacing it with a different sentence that means the same thing. Doing just a few of these will create many unique articles out of your core article. Within about 20 minutes you should have gone though your core article and replaced like words and sentences. Your next step then is to click on File -> Preview Articles.

Finishing up your new articles

Doing so will present you with a new window with all of your new articles. In this example I have 32 brand new articles from my core article and all are over 52% unique content. I am not certain to what percentage you want to make each of your articles unique in order for them all to be ranked on Google and other search engines but from what I have learned a 40% unique value will suit you well.

Using this program will save you time and money. By taking PLR articles and rewording them with mass article control you can begin to pump out hunderds of quality articles each day to submit to sites like Blazing articlesEzine articlesand go articles.

You can order your copy of Mass Article Control Here (Please note I am an affiliate of this product and will earn commissions for any orders made though this link. This disclaimer is to abide by the FTC rules. Your order helps me create honest reviews on products and gives me the time to write other quality posts that will continue to benefit you.)

Mass article control also has a small add on to help with your submission process. This second bonus software is called Mass Article Submitter. The software allows you to submit to 10 different article directories faster then it would take you to visit each site on your own. This saves you a bit of time and frustration. Upon ordering you will be presented with a one time offer to double up the submission software allowing you to submit up to 20 of the most popular article directories.

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