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Maximize your customer retention rate
September 12, 2011

When it comes to it there really is no secret in the retention rate of your customers. However there are a few key points which you might not be aware of or need a fresh reminder in. The first thing you need to understand is acquiring new customers and getting them loyal to your brand is far more expensive then working with your existing customers and building brand loyalty with them. Doing so will increase their repeat buying and also go viral via word of mouth as they tell their friends.

The spread of your site via word of mouth and via a friends recommendation is far better advertising then you could ever pay for or put your time into to create. Your customer service and going out of your way for your existing customers is key to building your business to the next level. The next point you need to consider then is to listen and help. When customers give you feedback about your site or product make sure to address it and answer their questions helping them out step by step. Take their feedback into consideration and if it’s a good idea use it. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook offer great areas to monitor and look for your company. If a customer or even someone that is not currently a customer is asking questions you know the answer to then answer it and help them out. Even if this does not result in a sale for your business it builds trust and will pay off in the future.

These last two points are now key to growing your business and they are putting your face or a face to your company. When people think of Apple they no longer think of the apple logo but instead of the person behind it Steve Jobs or Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. Putting a face to your company brings your customers closer to your business and develop a loyalty with that person making a strong connection. The last point and the one I feel is the most important is offering incentives to your already existing customers. Offer them discounts, freebies and other tools and tips to help them out and get them what they want. Doing so will make you stand out far above your competition.

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  • Partricia says:

    Hello there. Creating a vrial campaign takes a LOT of hard work and technical savvy. But you’re correct in saying that it would probably be more effective and getting either return or referral business than to create or try getting NEW customers.

  • DNS Hosting says:

    Great tips. It can be hard to keep those fly by people coming backing back for more. These tips will surely help.