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Maximizing your ROI with Conversion Optimization
September 10, 2011

Many companies and website owners spend thousands on driving more traffic to their websites. However they don’t spend nearly that in creating a converting website and plan of action on their site to convert that traffic. With some time investment this can be a lower cost investment then that of increasing your website traffic.  It no longer comes down to more traffic needed but instead a higher conversion rate on your already existing traffic.

Many sites online today are happy to see a 1% conversion rate. That means that 1% of the people visiting their site are taking action by joining the site and buying something from it. What companies then do is decide if they had twice the amount of traffic they could increase their sales by double. But wait! What if doing a few small things could result in a 2% conversion rate maybe even as high as 5%!  Increasing your conversion rate is the same thing as doubling your traffic but at a fraction of the cost.

The question now is how do you go about widening this conversion funnel and maximizing your results?

The first course of action is to get an understanding of who your website visitors are and where they are coming from. By understanding who your visitors are you will gain an understanding of where they are in their buying process. While a small percent will buy from you right away there’s a much larger percent that are not ready to buy from you right now but would be willing to in the future. These visitors come in as 4 different groups.

General Browsers

These types of visitors will make up the bulk of your visitors. They are people visiting your site to gather information on what you are offering and to see what’s going in. They have yet to understand the need for what you are offering. Your job is to identify these people and educate them on what you are offering and why they should be using your service or product. This is often accomplished via a newsletter which reinforces common questions people have in your niche and how your site addresses them. Your main goal is to at some point convert these info seekers into action takers and buy from you.


Are visitors who understand they have a need to better their business and are now searching for the site which provides them an easy and cost effective solution. The best method to target this group is to offer them an ebook or guide that educates them on how to solve their issue. Be sure to have testimonials and pinpoint out the success others have had with your company. Remember you need your company to stand out above all the rest. If there is a popular figure head in your niche do your best to get a testimonial from them. Later on after communication with this visitor you can offer them a discount of some sort which will further reinforce why they should pick you over the other guy.


These people know what they want. They just need to figure out what company is going to offer them the best solution. Often times they will create a short list and later on pick from this list and buy from them. If you are offering some type of software platform offer them a free 14 day full trial of your product. This will instill confidence and allow them to test your program at no risk to them. Pointing out things such as how you differ from other companies and how easy it is to implement it will be important. Also having fast customer service so if they have any questions in the future they know they can turn to you is highly important for the sale plus it’s a monthly subscription.


We all love them.  However not implementing the first three steps and addressing them will cause you to have far fewer of these types of visitors. Your sign up form should be simple and short and if at all possible be a simple 3 step process. Generally buyers are impatient and just want to get their hands on your product. Making them jump though to many loops or excessive sign up forms can turn people away.

By implementing and addressing all of the things above you can quickly start earning more from your current traffic flow to your website. This extra capital can then be used to further address conversions and drive more traffic to your business which will be sure to take it to the next level.

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