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Media Traffic Meltdown Bonus and Review
October 12, 2010
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A few months ago I got started in media buying and testing it out. This is the new wave for those in affiliate marketing and in fact even for big named companies. I will tell you at first I was really confused. Having been in PPC (pay per click) for a while, the entire media buying is different and has a whole new system to it in terms of targeting your market.

Last week I got a review copy of “Media Traffic Meltdown” which is a 10 video course with PDF’s and a mind map. It’s a solid system on media buying. While other systems confused me to death on how to get started in media buying, Media Traffic Meltdown goes over every detail from start to finish. Knowing how to target your audience and the tools and system they show in this course are well worth the price.

You might be asking yourself what exactly media buying is. Media buying, is buying ad space such as banners on other peoples’ websites and paying by a CPM (cost per thousand impressions). It’s been around for a long time but was pushed back by many when PPC came out. By buying this ad space you need to figure out how much it’s costing you in impressions to how much you are making with the product. Media Traffic Meltdown goes over all of this with easy to set up formulas to see if your campaign is going to be profitable BEFORE you even start it!

I want to offer my readers a nice bonus for ordering Media Traffic Meltdown through me. I have teamed up with a good friend of mine Adil Amarsi and set up a site at Media Traffic Meltdown Bonus and Review. Just click on that link to find out more information and more details about our special bonus to you for ordering.

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  • Tracy Ingram says:

    This is a great link. I like that you are using it yourself, so we know it is good.