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One Click Upsells
May 21, 2019

One of the most important things you can add into your businesses sales funnel is the one click upsell. The one click upsells allows you to promote other offers after the first order form has been created. These stand alone OTO or One time offer pages then present an upsell or a downsell to your new customer in which all they have to do to add it to their order is click a button.

Creating a one click upsell is easy with Stripe and ClickFunnels and the video below will go over how to set this up.

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You may have already seen one click upsells yourself as you shop online. Such as when buying a new phone and having the option to upgrade from a 64MB card to a 128MB by adding just $49.95 to your order.

These are very powerful tools to have and you can only do this online which gives you a major advantage over stores. You can turn a unprofitable item you are selling online into a break even or profitable funnel in no time by offer extra quality offers on your one click upsell pages.

As an online example and a marketer you funnel may look like the following.

You have a brand new book which you are launching but you want to get it into as many hands as possible. You push it as a FREE + shipping offer so your book is free and a flat rate shipping fee is applied. Lets say in this case we charge $7.95 S+H charge for all orders.

At this point we would be losing money from our ad spend to recover that and profit we create some back end offers that a few of our book buyers might grab up.

The first offer could be an audio book version so they can start listening right now instead of waiting for the book to come in the mail. We may charge $19.95 for this.

We can also throw in a membership course that they can use with the book that has work shops, more in depth tutorials and more as another upsell and we might charge a one time charge of $97.

As you can see we can provide a ton of extra VALUE to our new customers in the form of other offers and with the one click upsell they only need to add their credit card details once which will help make it easier to push these extra sales.

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