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One More Power Traffic Method For Bloggers
April 20, 2013

Any blogger knows it takes time and commitment to build a strong following for your blog. It’s honestly a full time job along with being creative and coming up with ways to grow your following. Sure it’s easy to set up a Facebook fan page or a twitter account and share your blog posts on them. But to achieve a large following on these networks can take years to achieve.

You can also go the paid rout posting ads on other blogs that are like yours, backlinking your blog on like websites and even using adwords to expand your reach. The only issue with this is it can quickly burn a hole in your pocket with minimal results.

What if there was a way to target your niche audience and spark more interest in your postings?

The answer: LinkedIn Groups

Linkedin is a social network that is business friendly and often times I see it under used by those in my field of blogging. What makes Linkedin groups more powerful then Facebook fan pages and tweets is the fact that LinkedIn is more business friendly. When your on LinkedIn you expect to connect with professionals and have discussions on business matters.

What are LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn groups have a strong business presence compared to Facebook and Twitter. These groups are often more industry specific compared to other social networks which allows you to pinpoint your target audience. In so this makes LinkedIn groups more powerful then other social networks as your engaged audience is expecting to be sold to or learn more about your business and how it can help them grow their own business. The best thing about what LinkedIn groups has to offer is it’s free, social, targeted audience, effective in driving quality traffic to your blog and gets you noticed in your industry specific network.

Setting up your new LinkedIn promotion

1. Create your blog or make sure your blog is in tip top shape. Don’t use sub domains etc. The best blogs have their own domain name or are attached to your main business. Don’t be rude, insulting or arrogant in your postings, your there to provide quality content that is helpful to people not to bash people.

2. Join LinkedIn, most already have accounts at LinkedIn however your profiles have been dead for the last few months or even years. Be sure to update all your information and keep it as related to your target niche as possible.

3. Join a LinkedIn Group and/or create your own group. Groups are easy to search and most industries already have a massive group in which you can post your content to. This content will need to be approved in most cases by the group admin so be sure the content you are posting is helpful and related to the group you are joining.

4. Just a few tips, when posting your content be sure to add a comment and keep it interesting. Just like with any ad or email you send out you need to spark some type of interests to get people to click-thru and read the entire blog post.



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Sean Supplee is the founder and CEO of this blog, Its got my name on it! Passion drives me to help other bloggers and those looking to take their knowledge and share it with the world. Coach, Mentor, Social Strategist and Funnel Consultant.

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  • Teepu says:

    Honestly, I think most Linkedin groups consist of spam only articles. There’s only a few out there where there are actual discussions going on and an awesome exchange of ideas. I guess you’ll have to wade through dirt to get to crystal clear water. Thanks for sharing in Bizsugar!