Online Marketing Optimize in Complex and BOOMING times
July 22, 2013

You may be surprised but the internet is still booming! Online marketing is catching on more and more as a part time job or a full time job. Every day new companies and small business find some way to come online and start selling their products. As a marketer or small business owner this is a key time to branding yourself as a key figure in helping these businesses come online and understand all of the integrate parts that make a successful campaign online.

The biggest challenge you face is trying to be all things at once. You need to simplify and prioritize what you are offering. By getting down to the nitty gritty of a marketing channel you provide overwhelming value to your customers that will keep coming back for more. Right now there are many marketing channels ad advertiser can choice to promote their products on SEO, Email, SEM, Social Media, Display and Video. By knocking it down to a few or even one channel and providing awesome value you can capitalize on this market share. You also have to take into account developing and optimizing your advertising across a number of platforms such as cell phones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops each has their own method you should be promoting to maximize results.

Your first step you need to take is figuring out what your are currently doing, your budget and if you have any employees if they or yourself have experience in any of these marketing fields. If your budget is low then you need to start at the bottom of the funnel. Use SEM, SEO tactics along with retargeting campaigns. The benefits of working on these methods is low cost and much of it can be done in house. Once you get a system in place the amount of traffic with continue to rise as you continue to add more content. However your trading time here instead of money. You also need to find sources in which your can find low cost advertising that your competition has not yet found.

When you take the next step and start to outsource your marketing ventures be sure you stick to companies that have a goal in which marketing channel they are best at. If a company comes to you and tells you they are good at A, B, C and D well honestly your better off finding a company that focuses on just A or B. A company that tells you they are great at all things is just flat out lying to you.

If your currently feeling overwhelmed take comfort in knowing your not alone. As time moves on these tactics will continue to become more complicated. Just remember to focus and conquer before moving on to the next thing.

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