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Periscope 7 Quick Tips for Epic Broadcasts
September 28, 2015

Periscope is quickly catching on all over the world, so fast that big companies such as Facebook bought up an older ap (Meerkat) for their own streaming. But in my own opinion Periscope is where it’s at!

Here are 7 of my top tips to making your broadcasts epic and can honestly be used on any broadcasting network.

1 – periscope-sean-suppleeYour Profile – Setting up your profile before you do anything else is key. Make sure you have a nice picture of yourself and some basic information but dont forget the only place to put a link so far is within your profile page. Use short urls and you can also make references to it during your casting.






periscope-titles2 – Use emojis on your titles

Using emojis in your titles helps grab attention and makes your videos stand out more. Also consider that the picture shown for the video is from the first second of your broadcast consider creating a board or something catchy that will grab peoples attention as well.





3 – Titles Plus #

Along with the above make sure to use hashtags where they relate to what your broadcast is going to be about. Its a good idea to keep your broadcasts short and fun.

periscop-broadcast-page4 – Make It Easy To Find You

The icons just above your Start Broadcast button are very important. The first (arrow) is to show your general location. The second (lock or bubble) only allows those who your follow to be allowed to comment. The final (twitter) will post your broadcast for the world to see on your twitter feed letting everyone know you are now live!



5 –  Welcome People

At the start of your broadcast give it a minute for people to come in and welcome them for joining you and give them a quick shout out. Remember to start talking as soon as your broadcast starts as you will be having people join later on to watch the reply. Ask them where they are from, the weather small items like this to keep them engaged and build up your viewer base first.

6 – Do Your Best To Multi-task

Honestly Periscope is a nightmare for Multi-tasking and well we as humans are not wired to be able to. Some tips… write down and plan a bit before hand about what you want to cover in your casting. Trust me you can quickly get off path with chiming in to read others questions, answering them and just saying allow to new visitors. This basic guide you created before hand will keep you on track so afterwards you don’t go back saying dang I wish I would have covered that! A little planning goes a long way (in the marketing world)

7 – Consider the timing

Biggest thing I started to do a few broadcasts myself but mostly I watch others and enjoy the sheer wealth of information that comes live from people. But the biggest thing I noticed if you want real live people while your broadcasting is the time of day. More towards night about 6pm EST I have seen a higher number of users on and more joining the scope but of course it will be different for the area you live in and the people you want to attract.

But the most important out of these 7 tips is to just have fun. Just look at the power and information we have control over right now that was never before possible. You can now live stream with ANYONE – ANYWHERE with a quick tap on your phone. This was never before possible and the amount of information is just crazy. Enjoy it and have fun! Periscope…

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