Planning for success in 2011
January 5, 2011
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When it comes to the new year many people set some goals for themselves to accomplish for that year. One of the most popular is to make more money or live a better lifestyle without having to worry about money. You can accomplish both of these but only by having a clear course of action.

Where many fall short is by setting this goal but not having a plan. There should be many smaller goals that lead up to this main goal of yours. What seems to happen is people will try anything and everything to make money and live the better life for the first 2-3 months. When that goal is not met they give up and go back to their daily day to day as they were before. By setting up smaller goals to achieve over the course of the year you set yourself up for success by keeping motivated all year long.

You need to figure out what direction you want to take to meet these goals. It could be something such as a better affiliate marketer (earning money for promoting others products), starting your own business (be it online or offline or a combination of both) or starting a blog and earning money from it. Once your figure out the direction you want to take think of some goals to set for yourself over the course of the year and do everything you can to meet those goals and push ahead. I have laid out a few examples below to help you with your 2011 action plan!

Affiliate Marketer
1. Start building your own mailing list and reach a goal of 2,000 + new opt ins a month
2. Earn $1,000 a month in clickbank revenue
3. Take a stab at CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing for an alternative revenue source
4. Promote PayDotCom products
5. Buy advertising and make a profit with middle man sites such as and

Starting your own business
1. Figure out what type of business you want to own (website, offline brick and mortar or a combination of both)
2. Create a monthly marketing budget and keep it in check
3. Hire staff to help you with repetitive tasks working towards making your company as hands free as possible

Starting a blog
1. Find a topic you love and would be interested in blogging about 3 + times a week
2. Create a RSS feed and reach a target audience ( this will depend on the market you are in but 10,000 + readers your first year is a good goal)
3. Sell and creating advertising space on your blog finding a middle between to much advertising on your blog and to little
4. Guest blog on other blogs if possible and create partnerships between them
5. Allow guest posting on your blog

While these are only a few directions to take there are plenty more out there. This year I will be going over details of all possible avenues of making money online and offline. Providing you with goals, feedback, reviews and more to keep you on the cutting edge for your business.

To your success in 2011!

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