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Popup Domination Review
March 24, 2011

You might have noticed, if this is your first time to the blog. a big pop up asking you to opt in for my ebook “Making Money Online” This was done by a plugin called Popup Domination. While this is earning me new opt ins and grabbing attention via my blog the cool thing about this software is it also works with any stand alone site not running on wordpress. This allows you to convert all of your sites into maximum money sucking magnets!

Lets go over how Popup Domination works…

Once ordered you will be given a file to download that you use to either upload to your wordpress plugin area or within your main sites content if you are doing a standalone site. For this review I will be going over how I set it up here on my wordpress blog and all of the functions you have. After you have the plugin installed and activated you will find a new link under Settings – PopUp Domination This opens up the area where you can pick from 7 beautiful templates all custom made and built to maximize the wow factor and get your visitor to subscribe.

Check out Popup Domination by clicking here

You can see you have a number of options and colors to pick from with this plugin. The template field then allows you to add custom text and images. I recommend you build your own ebook with your own affiliate links inside of it in order to improve your conversion rates and also make sales.

What I like most about this plugin is the option under Schedule. This area allows you to input settings on how often the pop up should show up in days or impressions. It also allows you to set up a timer so after so many seconds pass, the opt in box will display. This is very useful when setting it to 5 to 10 seconds. This allows your engaged reader to be presented with your amazing offer and really grab their attention. You can also select what pages your opt in box displays in. An idea I have had but have not yet used is to put it on my advertising page and offer a small discount for opting into my list. I am sure this is a good idea which I will have to implement soon to gain a list of eager buyers.

Overall Popup domination is a solid program which for the price tag of just $47 is a great deal. (Hint – when you visit the site here try closing the page and you will be presented with a discounted offer of $10 off) Popup domination really is the best plugin I have on wordpress (besides my daily backup). It has increased my opt in rates via aweber and increased my over all income and sales of my own products with a list of buyers.

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Sean Supplee

Sean Supplee is the founder and CEO of this blog, Its got my name on it! Passion drives me to help other bloggers and those looking to take their knowledge and share it with the world. Coach, Mentor, Social Strategist and Funnel Consultant.

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There are 10 comments

  • Bryan Hollis says:


    This is a really nice pop-up. I was using the WordPress Super Pop-up for various items as well, but this is a VERY attractive Pop-up. Hope your list will continue to grow! Nice post – Bryan, Blog Interact

  • Dana says:

    It seems pop up domination has been used by many bloggers to increase their opt-in conversion. Btw, how does it work for you? Does the conversion improve significantly?

  • Sean Supplee says:

    Been getting some good numbers aweber shows from the pop up optin in box. Around 4 – 6 opt ins come from pop up domination on my blog compared to my fanpage, side bar and my squeeze page. Well worth the investment and a noticeable gain.

  • Todd says:


    Will pop up domination work with mailchimp?

  • Sean Supplee says:

    @Todd – I have never used mail chimp however pop up domination has a area where you can add the HTML/Script code of your mailer. This should allow just about any auto responder system that has a name/email combo to work.

  • Steve says:

    Any idea how to track popup views via google analytics? I believe it can be done through the template file.

    Popup domination looks great but there’s almost no documentation and no support – I’m waiting over a week for a support question.

  • Sean Supplee says:

    @Steve – There is a lot of information within the plugin once you install it. Tracking via Google analytics you will need to apply the code to the thank you page that loads after the opt in. But you wont be able to track the traffic much. If you use Aweber you can create a custom forum with the name pop up domination and when a new person subscribes it will show where from inside your Aweber acount.

  • Steve says:

    Thanks Sean, yes the conversions are simple to track via a thank you page however without getting a # popups displayed I can’t get a really accurate conversion ratio taking into account traffic and traffic from return visitors who may not see the popup on return visits.

    I’ve also been looking into how to get url of the referring page so I can redirect users back to the page they signed up from – for example if they signed up from a specific article page I would love to send them back to that same article after signup, but I can’t get the url within the form. Any ideas there?

  • Joe Shaw says:

    Thanks Sean for writing Popup Domination Review! I’ve actually been thinking about adding this to my blog but wasn’t sure who made it… I’ll check it out. Thanks!Joe Shaw

  • I’ve seen several pages with popup domination – I’m going to try it myself and see what kind of results I get 🙂 Using aweber’s standard pop-ups have so far given the best results – but I think pop-over domination looks cleaner (and I like the fact that you can place an ebook picture there).