Profiting From CPA Media Buys
April 30, 2011

Previously I went over what CPA was in a post called Introduction to CPA. There I went over what CPA is and how to be accepted into a CPA network.  In this post I will be going over some tactics to use to make money off media buys. Media buys are buying advertising space on others websites such as a blog, forum or other site and you can even media buy on sites like

There are a few methods of buying media buys and they are…

1. Buying Per Month
2. CPM- Cost per 1,000 impressions
3. Buying Per Day

I will go over an example of each of these and how to maximize your income and tracker.

1 – Buying Per Month

Buying per month is what I think is the most expensive and hardest to track. You need to put money out front and tie it up for an entire month before seeing the results. Your tracking will be for one ad only and you will not know if you profit from the ad until the month is just about up. In cases such as these you need to do your research.

I use a site called which has the option to buy per month. Before you buy from a site you need to find out the target market of both the ad and the site you want to place the ad on. To do this lets first find a product which we want to promote via the cpa network. To do this I will be using a site called QuantCast while not all the sites will show up on here a large majority will and it’s going to help in matching your target audience.

The first site you want to run through Quantcast is the ad you want to promote. Visit the main site and input that url. This will highlight a number of points you need to write down such as 1. male/female 2. Age 3. Income Level 4. College/ some college/ no college. By gathering this information from the sellers site you now have a pretty good idea of the type of people who are visiting this site and buying.

The next sites you want to run through Quantcast are a few hand picked sites which looks like it draws a crowd of people interested in what the offer is. When running these other sites you want to tie the results you found from the Quantcast u ran for the ad. By matching these closely you can maximize your targeting and increase your conversion rates for all of your ads. You can use this method on the other two types of media buys as well.

2. CPM – Cost per 1,000 impressions

Ads such as these are easy to tell if they are going to be profitable to you or not. Once you find a CPA offer to promote you already know the value that will be paid to you upon that action. For example an offer that pays you $1.75 per lead that enters in their email address. When buying banner ads based off of a CPM you need to account for two things, the CPM cost which can be adjusted (depending on the site a higher CPM might be needed in order to beat out someone else’s ad from being displayed) and second the total cost before a conversion happens.

Normally I will let an ad run for about 12 – 24 hours on a max CPM to beat out my competitors. Within this 12-24 hour time frame you can gather how many conversions you have and figure out what you CPM cost should be. By gathering this information you can now see if you can make any profit running this ad on this site.

3 – Buying per day

This is a new one that I just found out about a few months ago. The site is called For this site you can bid a cost per day which can be out bid by others. Your ad will remain running and money will be deducted every few minutes as your ads run. I got a number of good buys for some CPA products for lower then $1 a day that convert rather well. This is a prime spot to pick up some low cost advertising to start out with.

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