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Put Your Affiliate Marketing on AutoPilot
April 10, 2010

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. On top of that digital product affiliate marketing is the quickest way to make you the most coin for your time. It is because of this it has become so popular as digital products pay out 50% or more in commissions to their affiliates. By pushing one sale of $97 you could be earning yourself $48.50 or more,  push two sales and your already making enough for a stable income job.

The most popular of these affiliate marketing areas is a site called ClickBank. As an affiliate you will earn anywhere from 50% to 75% commissions on over 1,000 digital products ranging from ebooks, software and guides and the topics range from beekeeping to how to make money online. With this vast collection you have plenty to pick from and advertise to maximize your income.

The only issue with this I have found is that some times you find a great product that you want to promote but the creator of the product does not have any good banners, squeeze pages, articles, email ads or other related materials. These things can take a lot of time for you to create yourself and cost you a nice amount as well. But I have good news for you…

ClickBank Pirate allows you to join up for a small membership fee each month. What you get each month are access packages. These packages include all the tools you need for promoting a select product or service. Included in these access packages are squeeze pages to build your list, professional email ads, Tweets, Blog Posts, your very own blog, articles, Thank you – unannounced  – 404 page error ads, email signatures, forum signatures and great looking banner ads.

More importantly Clickbank Pirate is set up to make your income on autopilot. They do so by managing the list for you. Each new lead that signs up via your squeeze pages will be added to a mailing list. Two leading professionals in the affiliate marketing world write up email ads for these leads and send them out. Anyone that is your lead in this mailing list will have your affiliate URL attached to it. This allows the system to be hands free, leaving just one thing for you to worry about, sending traffic and creating leads.

Need help and tips on generating more traffic to your pages?
I created just the product for you called Secret Traffic Reports. Head there now and pick up your monthly traffic report. Start tapping into the wealth of money you can make online.

Own a blog yourself? CB Tag Clouds is a service I use on many of my other blogs. It simply generates like terms and keywords for any blog post you make and affiliate links over to clickbank for them. Its a simple hands free method to generate more sales on clickbank via your blog.

Please note some of the links above do lead to affiliate links in which I will be compensated for any orders made. This disclaimer is to abide by the FTC rules. However, I will never recommend a product or service I personally have not used so I can provide you with honest reviews and lead you to the best products out there.

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