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Social Media Sites Leading The Charge In 2016
February 15, 2016


It seems like every day a new social media website is turning up. As a marketer it becomes increasingly difficult to know where to spend your time and who/where to market to.

A few smaller social media platforms that come to mind are IMloop , ApSense, IBOToolBox and TSU. Which are all great and have their niches and purpose.

Larger networks such as Facebook and Pinterest seem to be holding strong. Based on the results shown on Statista you can see the continued upward trend of Facebook.


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But when it comes to business type content and consumers your better bet is Linkedin. This site continues to outshine other social networks when it comes to dealing with business related information and tools. They offer a number of unique tools to allow you to market your products and services to their members.

One other major contender which still seems to slip by the radar for some is Google + While it seems that this social network has not caught on as healthy as others you would be surprised the that amount of activity and unique features it offers places this is a increasing close second to Facebook.

I have a strong feeling we will be seeing Google + really flourish this year as more features are released and users start using them. I will be using a number of their services heavier this year such as hangouts and group pages to keep in touch with members and offer them awesome content for free.

Two Important Things I Wanted To bring up

Don’t Underestimate SlideShare – This service claims around 70 million members and has access to Linkin’s membership base of over 400million members 100 + million of those in the US.

SlideShare is a great place to offer quality content for free that leads into your other paid sources. You can honestly think of it as a free way to generate leads to your company by just providing great quality content.

The second is make sure you use images!

With more people using apps they are getting used to being able to find the majority of the content they want and need in a few short words and the rest within a graphic.

Inforgraphics, blog post headlines, twitter posts with images are being shared 3x more then other static text content. Be sure anything and everything you post online has a nice likable image that grabs their attention. One of the simplest of ways to boost your traffic and conversions starting right now.

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  • Thanks Sean Pinterest and Instagram and Snapchat are all growing fast!

  • Mike Lawton says:

    Instagram is a monster! I don’t if Internet Marketers know what an awesome platform it is for getting signups. Mike