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September 28, 2013

 As the title says this post will go over social search optimization and how your interactions of social networks can improve your results in search engines. In fact many cases of live feeds on search engines that deal with they keyword being searched now show on searches allowing you to be ranked and in front of thousands just for engagement of users. Many marketing teams are split up into two sections, a social team which concentrates on things such as growing the audience, impressions and visibility which SEO marketing teams tend to focus on clicks, traffic and conversions. It is very important to know you need to merge both of these together and collaborate ideas in order to benefit from both worlds.

Google was the first to illustrate how social media and organic search could work together with the roll out of Google plus which takes information on what you liked and shares it with your friends via their search results. No two searches are alike anymore which really makes old school SEO obsolete and instead focuses more on social searching. This is where it becomes important to create content that is shared and easily shared by others.

Facebook entered into the search engine realm when they released what they call Graph Search. Graph search allows users to query their friends. This allows users to find information based on what their friends have liked. This step is geared to Facebooks next roll out which Mark Zuckerberg says will be a powerful new system that will change how we do social online. Bing has also worked closely with Facebook in creating their search results. It is a safe bet that Facebook is to Bing what Google + is to Google search results.

Creating Influence online has always been a goal of any company or marketing person. Programs such as Klout and Kred are powerful ways to build exposure for your business. These are all based on stats that are driven by one thing and that one thing is quality content that gets shared often. To start ranking for social search you need to rework your content to be content people would share with each other.


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