Sean Supplee, affiliate marketer at heart lives in the USA. Has worked online for over 14 years and is dedicated to teaching his students everything they need to know about making money online. Also prides himself in giving quality reviews of digital products and offering quality content at a great price.

I am a graduate Northampton Community College and Leigh Carbon Community College with an Associates Degree in web design and Certified in Comp TIA Network + . My love of computers started back when I was 15 and devoted much of my time into learning how they worked and also building my own. I then went into marketing and building sites and funnels from here I started split testing, tracking and coming up with case study tests to find what worked best in what industries and continue to do so to this day.

My goal with this blog is to connect with people and give them value for their time. I want you to walk away from this blog learning something new that helps you so you come back time and time again to feed your brain and your wallet.

Connect With Me: and feel free to contact me via email at Contact Sean Supplee

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