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Success Comes With Big Ticket Sales
May 3, 2016


Many blogs, small business and entrepreneurs all run into this same issue. It is what mostly separates those who make lots of money compared to those that don’t. It is the one thing you can start doing right now to start building your income to all new levels.

That one thing is… Big Ticket Sales!

Big ticket sales are products or services you as a company offer or promote as an affiliate. These high ticket sales while they might not convert at a high rate one single conversion could mean hundreds of smaller transactions from many customers.

For example your company sells case studies and reports for anywhere between $7 to $67 a pop. However you also have the ability to coach or work one on one with clients for $6,000 per contract. Just selling one contract per month means 89 of your highest price packages ($67) or 857 of your smaller packages($7) would of needed to be sold for this single new client.

While smaller ticket priced products have a place in every business most are missing a high ticket price item in their business. Take a moment and map out what you currently offer to your customers. There should be a clear entry point of free or break even then a continued increase in product and what is offered to them.

The image below is an example of what your value ladder might look like.

Your Value Ladder-

More details on the above example about how this value ladder is structured.

All cold traffic is sent to the ebook,case study link to build leads and then to warm them up into buying the higher ticket priced items. The ebook is free while the case study is a small $4.95 helping to break even on any advertising expenses. This allows the company to continue to build more and more leads at no out of pocket costs (your break even).

Kit/Sample  This low priced ticket offer is what separates your buyers list from your free list. Your free list should be changed up every few weeks to a new product you offer till you bump them into a buyers list based on the product type their ordered.

Membership – Like monthly payments? (I know I hate them such as the phone bill, cable etc.) However monthly continuity is a game changer for your business. With monthly income from your customers you now have a steady stream of income you can rely on compared to always trying to drum up new one time sales. Consider a continuity program for your business.

Special Offer – An offer in which is a discount on your flagship product. This could range anywhere from software you offer at a discount or a one off fee instead of monthly fee on your continuity program.

One on One or Coaching – Your high ticket priced item. This is where the big bucks are made and as such where you need to provide the highest value to your customer. The best example of this is coaching where you take on a few clients each month and work with them to grow their business.

Now that we have covered this it is time to build your value ladder out and then build a funnel to support it. If you need help in created this value ladder please contact me here.

One of the best places to build your value ladder if you have no programming or design skills (or even if you do) is a site called Click Funnels. It allows you to build funnels for this exact situation where you bring in free leads and then process them up your value ladder. Via this special offer link you can lock in Click Funnels for free for 14 days and start building out your funnel and value ladder. Join Click Funnels today and get a free 14 day trial

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