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Success In 2012 Affiliate Marketers
December 22, 2011

With the new year just days away I know many of you, myself included, are looking back at what you did to grow your business in 2011 and how to build on to it in 2012. Sitting down right now I am looking at things that helped grow my business and those that where a waste of my time or just not worth the time they took. In this business it’s all about making more money with less time invested, any short cuts or ways to improve results with less time are always worth the investment.

This year in 2011 I launched a number of new membership sites which include Website Traffic Funnel, Lead Crusader, Blog Crusader, ListAblaze along with a few other sites and sites I flipped. When it comes to building and creating unique sites that’s one thing I know how to do and love doing it.

The key with any of these sites however is to build enough targeted traffic to them in order to make them successful. My main sources of traffic and to make these sites a success came from these traffic sources. JV Partnerships, SEO, Backlinking and List Swaps. Below I am going to go over some tips about how to get the best results and least amount of time spent to achieve your goals with these traffic methods.

JV Partnerships – Constant communication with other owners is key. However where you really stand out and build strong relationships is by helping them out. Be it by creating more sales for them as an affiliate, to giving them creative ideas to help grow their income, being proactive and keeping your face in the game is what its all about. Go out of your way to help them first and ask for a favor in return later on down the line. You might be suprised by how kind and respectful some people can be in this industry.

SEO – This is a topic I go over often, the reason is the amount of traffic you can get from SEO and new people to your site really has no limit. By understanding the basics of SEO and putting forth a small effort into creating SEO articles and sales copy you can dramatically improve your overall traffic, leads and income for the year.

Backlinking – An off-page factor of SEO is always a long hard battle. However with recent changes to Google it’s actually much easier then ever to rank for keywords. No longer do backlinking blasts of 5,000 + links in a day help your ranking, in fact they most likely will hurt your rankings. The best backlinking method that has been around for a long time is article marketing and social networking. To accomplish this nearly hands free (I spend at most 30 min a day doing backlinking) I use two programs. One is called Tribe Pro and the other is an article spinner. Tribe Pro allows me, for a monthly cost, to build hundreds of social media backlinks to each of my blog posts.  The article spinner helps take a simple $5 article I paid for and convert it into 20 unique readable versions which I post on other blog sites such as wordpress, tumblr and more. All of these then backlink to my sites and posts within my sites increasing the total flow of traffic and building quality backlinks that get me ranked higher.

List Swaps – This ones a bit new that I started just a month ago. The results have been amazing! By paying or swapping emails with others in your industry you can quickly build a opt in list of thousands of fresh leads ever month. If you are just starting out you will need a decent sum of money to get started. This investment however is well worth it and soon I will be allowing others to buy email ads from me. This is a great way to make additional money and keep a fresh flow of new faces checking out your products.

The future of success in 2012 for affiliate marketers as always is increasing traffic flow and converting that traffic into leads and sales. Always be sure to be using creative ways to get others to share your content and build your opt-in list.

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Sean Supplee is the founder and CEO of this blog, Its got my name on it! Passion drives me to help other bloggers and those looking to take their knowledge and share it with the world. Coach, Mentor, Social Strategist and Funnel Consultant.

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  • Hey Sean, As always, thank you such helpful, VALUABLE Tips! TribePro is AWESOME! I love that I have other people helping to market for me. AdSwaps can be very effective, as well as the other tips you mentioned as well! Wishing you a WONDERFUL Holiday Season! 🙂