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Blog Tips Monthly Report
January 2019 Traffic and Stats
February 2, 2019
Happy to report I was really able to up the game finally getting over that cold I had all of December that really slowed things down. That along with a new year always builds new motivation in me. February Goals Giveaways are progressing nicely so I am ramping up the prizes for them and also […]
Planning for success in 2011
January 5, 2011
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When it comes to the new year many people set some goals for themselves to accomplish for that year. One of the most popular is to make more money or live a better lifestyle without having to worry about money. You can accomplish both of these but only by having a clear course of action. Where many […]
Affiliate Marketing
Are You Branding You?
October 16, 2010
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Who are you!? One thing some affiliate marketers do not understand is to brand themselves. By doing so you start building a relationship and people begin to trust you. It’s in this trust where the real sales come in. How do you go about branding yourself? Since you are an affiliate marketer you are going […]
Site Review
Viral Bookmarking Review
October 10, 2010
One issue we all have as an affiliate marketer is getting our links and ads to spread across the net. We strive to accomplish this by creating viral content that spreads on its own. Many times this is hit or miss and can end up costing us big. As a marketer its hard to say […]
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing Review
October 2, 2010
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People often question me about what affiliate marketing is and what exactly you do. Today I would like to go over the details of what affiliate marketing is and its benefits and disadvantages. Affiliate marketing is the promotion of others products in which you earn a commission from any sales you make. You can be […]