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Site Review
What Is Klout Score
March 12, 2011
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Is your Klout score up to par? Klout is a fun site to use when your looking to see your overall influence on the twitter community. It’s a measure of different things such as your list site, retweets, comments, likers and more to give you an overall score out of 100 with 100 being the highest score […]
Internet Marketing
Have No Fear, The eBook Is Here!
August 4, 2010
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“Making Money Online” After weeks of putting this ebook together it is now up for grabs for all of you at the unheard of price of… FREE! Thats right I am going to give you a detailed eBook “Making Money Online” showing you exactly how I make money online from blogging and running other web […]
Blog Tips
Writing Your About Me Page
July 23, 2010
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Your about me page is important! It’s a way to connect with your visitors and give them a bit more information about you and what it is you do. It also shows them your intentions and goals for your site and what you are offering. There are a few questions your visitors want to know […]
Manage Twitter With TweetDeck
January 28, 2010
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When I first started using twitter my first question was how would I make sense of all of this information coming at me. After your list starts to grow in the hundreds or let alone thousands it becomes very difficult to keep track of who is tweeting about you and trying to stay connected with them. […]
How to get more twitter followers
January 14, 2010
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The most popular question I get is… How can I get more twitter followers? There are a number of ways to do this depending on what strategy or strategies you want to use. There are numerous websites and software programs that also claim to get you more followers quickly. In this post I will go […]
Product Reviews
Hummingbird Review Twitter Application
January 13, 2010
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Are we not all out there to get as many twitter followers as possible? Just 2 months ago I decided to gain as many followers as possible in my one account and see how it went. Since then I am now pushing close to 10k followers(visitmaniac) and would have had more but did not do […]