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Take Action List Building Review Relaunch
December 11, 2012

Today is the day I finally found the time to rebuild the Take Action List Building report and turn it into a live and interactive ebook the first of it’s kind. Normally ebooks are set up and rebranded via a PDF file. But well to me that was a bit old fashion so instead I am trying a brand new web based version in which I will be adding videos and other interactive content right into the report. Now what’s really cool about this is each member has their own url for the report. If you bought rebranding rights you will be able to rebrand the entire report with your own links and share it to anyone who has internet access.

What is Take Action List Building?

Take action list building is my own personal views on email list building which I feel is essential to building  a strong business online and off. Every major company out there has an email list and entices you with discount offers, rewards or information for being part of that list. It’s a quick and efficient way for them to get in touch with you and turn you into a repeat buyer. The views presented within this report are years of my own experience on how to effectively build and also manage an email list. Yes, it does cost a bit of money to create a list however if done correctly within your first few days/weeks you should already have enough subscribers to cover your auto responder costs and start profiting.

Head on over and grab up your free copy today or pick up rebranding rights to the report. Share it with your friends and like it on Facebook. Click here to sign up

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