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The Automation Of Social Keep Engaged
October 22, 2012

With the rapid expanse of social networks companies now have more ways to keep in touch with their customers. If not managed and watched carefully it could quickly bite you in the butt and damage your reputation online and offline. This is why when you make the commitment to take your business online you need to make sure you check or have alerts on your fan pages, forums and other areas of the web. Before if a customer was unhappy or happy with their product they would write an email to your support and the entire conversation would be kept private. Now with social networks an issue can quickly become viral and damage your company if not addressed quickly. Vise versa if a a customer has a great review of your business this can quickly become viral as well and gain you higher credibility.

With this rapid advancement into social mean towards support many companies and people struggle with keeping up to date and interact nearly live with their customers and visitors to their site. The big question that comes to mind here is how does a company or small business provide nearly live support for its customers yet keep costs down and save on time?

Content Publishing on a timer – Such programs as Hoot-suite, Expion, and Awarness allow for some type of overview of interactions going on with your web business. Allowing you to address and find any information that be being talked about on your website.

Proactive Response – Soon to come people will have the technology like virtual agent software solutions. VirtuOz, whilch plans to launch automated tools beyond chat agents, to deploy in Facebook and Twitter streams in order to support your brand interactions.

Human-Like Relationships – It might seem like some distant future or even a movie. But IBM is working on AI software that will work and interact like humans which will work as a real world concierge or host allowing for the ultimate in hands free social media engagement.

While the direction is clear for now using some of these methods and using software is the right way to go. You will be able to keep on top of your customers needs and questions in a nearly live environment.

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