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February 27, 2012

Things are rapidly changing online from how marketers used to make money online. Before it was all about getting as much traffic to your pages and a percentage of it would convert but with new search engine updates it’s more about targeting your articles, blog posts and other information on your site to meet the needs of what that searcher is looking for. People come to your website for three things, one to be entertained, two to socialize and three to find information.

The key point to all of this is getting the right visitors to the right information. A more targeted website to what the user is looking for is greatly going to increase your conversion rates on your site. It no longer is a high numbers game of more traffic the better, it’s now about how many targeted visitors did you get to your site and what is your conversion percent. Don’t be surprised when you start seeing conversion rates of 20% or better, in older days a conversion rate of 2% to 5% was considered the norm.

Your First PayDay Tip

While thousands are paying big bucks for SEO and SEM for their sites to target keywords on websites there are other areas that are overlooked. On Google you may have noticed when you do a search there is also an images and video category. While these might not get as much traffic as the web tab it is still worthwhile to create and tag your content for these keywords as well. Since competition on these pages are lower you can get a decent amount of targeted traffic from them.

By getting your images and videos ranked for keywords it also helps in getting your content text ranked for the web tab of Google’s search. This creates a more targeted approach to getting the right visitors to your site which increases your overall traffic but more importantly your conversion rates.

You Second PayDay Tip

Email marketing has always been about creating catchy headlines to get people to open your emails. However when it came to articles and blog posts its been about stuffing it with keywords to get the traffic. With the new changes happening on search engines stuff keywords no longer play a major part. Instead creating catchy headlines that get people to +1 your content and share it with others is what’s going to get you the viral traffic you want.

Keyword targeting still plays a roll.  You will want to use it more within the content as well as any pictures or video you add to your blog. This allows you to capitalize on various searches including when people do video and image searches.

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    While these might not get as much traffic as the web tab it is still worthwhile to create and tag your content for these keywords as well.

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