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The Guide To Maintaining Your Email List
October 10, 2015

So you now started to build your email list as you have heard time and time again the money is in the list. However this is where the hard part comes in! Maintaining your email list. This is the part many information products leave out. Of course it is rather easy to get subscribers to your email list however maintaining it has many integrate parts. Lets review them…

#1 Clearing Out Your Unsubscribes and Inactives

One of the hardest things I ever did was clicking that little button to filter inactives that have not opened an email from me for months. AAHHH I know its rough thinking about removing people from your list you worked on hard on building but guess what. If they have not opened an email from you in the last 6 months or a year they need to be removed from your list.

aweber-free-trialMost auto responder system will have reports for you about your opens and clicks. It is important to keep an eye on this before it gets out of hand. You could end up paying out hundreds even thousands more sending out emails to dead inactive accounts so putting for the time to check this once a month or more yields great benefits to keeping your business running efficiently.

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#2 Monitor Your Bounce Rates

This is one few understand and can have a drastic impact on your overall email campaigns. Having to high of a bounce rate will hamper your deliver-ability of your emails so if you start to see it show up in your overall reports make sure you take a close look at those emails and if they look fishy trash them right away.

Having to many of these will trigger your emails as spam and more and more of your emails well not endoptinmonster-affiliate-banner up in your subscribers inbox. A few other things you will want to check for are the subject of your email and the body content. Having to many spam triggers will count for a high spam rating score. Keeping this rating at 0 or close to this number is key to keep a good email reputation.

#3 Easy Unsubscribes

You might think about hiding your unsubscribe link somewhere in your email to try and prevent subscribers from leaving your list. However this is the worst thing you can do! If they want to unsubscribe let them and make it easy for them to do so without my searching. Otherwise they might hit the spam button in their favoirite email inbox system and your emails still start to get tossed to spam in your active readers!

As long as you are providing high quality content your readers will love you and take action when you place your call to actions in your emails. If those looking to unsubscribe want to most likely they where never going to buy from you either.

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