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The Mass Article Tactic
August 12, 2010
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Article marketing has become very popular over the last year. As more and more people do it the issue now arises with over saturation. To beat this I use a system I call the mass article tactic. The key here is to push as much quality content out as fast as possible. To achieve this I do use a program called Mass Article Control which I wrote a review on at Mass Article Control Review.

Simply put Mass Article Control allows me to take my original seed article which could be a PLR(Private Lable Rights), one I wrote or one I had someone write for me and create a number of unique variations of it. The goal here is to have 20-30 unique articles from your main article at 50% or higher uniqueness. This should only take about 30 minutes to an hour of your time, much less then it would have taken you to write 20 to 30 new articles.

The next step is to create a list of websites to add these articles to. Two key points when adding these articles to other sites are:
1. Be sure to create a different title for each article you post. Consider doing keyword research and including different keywords in each title. This will give your article a chance to show up for multiple keywords on search engines increasing your exposure with just a few minutes of extra work.

2. Use different keywords to point back to your site. Do not link back with links such as “click here” Instead use your keywords and LSI keywords(like keywords) when linking back to your page. This will greatly benefit your SEO rankings.

Here is one of the lists I use of 15 sites to place my article…

1. Blazing Articles
2. IM Face Plate
3. Ezine Articles
4. Go Articles
5.  Hubpages
6. WetPaint
7. WordPress
8. Articledashboard
9. Articlebase
10. ArticleAlley
11. Amazines
12.  Thoughts
13.  InsaneJournal
14.  Terapad
15. ArticleClick

Consider doing this each and every day or hiring someone to do this work for you. The total time per day for each cycle should be about 2 hours of time. After a few weeks of doing so you will start seeing your back links and traffic climb. Keep it up and use this as a daily practice in your business for solid increasing results.

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  • tracy ingram says:

    I have just started using this technic and I have found it to be really useful, I also spin some of the articles I get. I do use private label stuff as well as contract out articles.