The New Age Of SEO
January 15, 2013

With all of the changes by the search engine giant Google it has become increasingly hard to keep on top of. This is why this post will go over what you need to know in order to make your sites SEO friendly and what you can expect in the future. SEO companies have had to make drastic changes to how they produce and promote content over the web. The old tried and true methods such as obtaining mass back links to push sites to the top of the SERPs is over.

There will always be a need for basic SEO and you should follow those basic rules such as proper onsite optimization, clean and fast loading code and backed up with extensive keyword research so you know what you can rank for and can target the right searchers. There is also a place still for link building such as directory submissions, blogger outreach and content production and distribution. These older methods while they still work when used properly are more of common practice today along side of meta tags, bot-friendly site navigation and constructing internal links (pages linking to other pages that make up your own site).

The job here is to move ahead of these old methods and get into the new keeping ahead of the competition and better utilizing your content to reach every targeted searcher you can.

The first thing to realize is that search engines no longer ignore social media. Breaking news is often pushed to the top of the SERPs and anyone with a gmail account sees personalized search results based off of who they are connected with. While social engagement is weighted by search engines you’d be surprised it still does not hold the same weight as a quality backlink does. While in the future it’s thought that social media engagement will become the powerhouse of SEO, the companies are still trying to figure out ways to do it effectively and until that happens your old school SEO still matters.

If you have an existing website that was promoted by an SEO company in the past or via your own team you need to look at any warnings you might get such as un-natural backlinks to your sites/pages. These need to be addressed before you start your new SEO campaign as quickly as possible. This often happens when a site has been blasted with old school methods of “black hat” and “gray hat” such as automated directories submissions. These unnatural links when they have been addressed you can move to the next stage which would be to build solid quality backlinks such as those on related niche topics and trusted websites. The old methods on auto submissions have been changed and are considered just spam and damage your sites rep.

To pay for links or not pay?

While the FCC and Google have not put any clear steps into if this is bad or not it is considered that some paid links are understandable and when done correctly they are ok. Such things as writing a sponsored post is ok but disclose that this is a sponsored post. Reviews are also ok if they are actually from a customer of yours who has used your product. If you can not confirm they have then do not use it.

You might of heard the new buzz word in town called “content marketing” this honestly is nothing new and is what search engines wanted you to do all along. Not long ago people used to pay others to write content that had certain keywords within it. They would then spin this content and backlink it and post it all over. Well those days are gone and whats needed instead is what we all should have been doing all this time and that is. Creating interesting, engaging and quality content that attracts users, formatting is so search engine bots can find it and then spreading the message through social media. The difficult part now is creating such content and doing so for markets that might be the dullest markets out there ever.

Are you ready for Mobile?

It’s hard to ignore the fact the increasing amount of people that visit websites on smart phones and tablets. It’s because of this Google has created an algorithm just for these devices. Be sure your website is mobile friendly via sites load speed and more importantly remember your companies main target “conversion rates”. Make sure you are optimized across all devices and test them out, get to know your sales funnel on all browsers, tablets and smart phones so you can increase your optin rates and overall sales.

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Sean Supplee

Sean Supplee is the founder and CEO of this blog, Its got my name on it! Passion drives me to help other bloggers and those looking to take their knowledge and share it with the world. Coach, Mentor, Social Strategist and Funnel Consultant.

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There are 6 comments

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Sean!

    I found you on TribePro. Great tool, yes?

    This article is great! I like to avoid paying for links and such. Organic search traffic is so much better but it takes hard work.

    Making sites SEO friendly is a moving target these days but so worth it!

    Thanks again.


  • Larry says:

    Well written article! I completely agree your post. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  • Search engine optimization is constantly changing. What we found out in Feb of 2011 and still works today is don’t optimize content. Only think about what you are going to write and make sure your keywords are in your content one time. Make sure your content is what someone would expect to find who search your keywords. Use other words which have the same meaning as your keywords. This is what Google is looking for.

    Social media we believe is going to be more important in the future. On Google + it already is more important than elsewhere. You still have to have some old school back linking while things are changing. This does not mean black hat methods. They may work for a short while however the penalties aren’t worth it.

    Make sure to have at least some no follow links out there. They are still part of what is expected.

  • Sean Supplee says:

    Wonderful tool Lisa, great for gaining a little more exposure.

  • Sean Supplee says:

    Great points Dennis, those old school methods still work well and I think they will be around here for a while till Google irons out the bugs with the social media stuff. Google + holds a solid amount of respect for getting your sites to rank on their search engines now.

  • I agree, Google is after spam and link builders! In the new age of seo you really have to earn links and build relationships with others in order to survive.