Internet Marketing Strategies
The Strategic Integration Method
October 10, 2013

Any business knows that their website is one of their greatest assets. Unlike most assets your website is an asset that continues to grow in value as your business grows. This being said the importance of having your social marketing tied into your website becomes even more important. Having share buttons such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest are important but there is nothing saying your integration needs to take place off of your site. By building social directly into your site and allowing your visitors to share content, comment on content etc. directly from your site instead of leaving it proves more and more valuable.

Reviews matter and nearly everyone that is on the look out to buy something often visits sites where they can read reviews/ratings based on previous buyers of this product. A smart choice here would be to offer these reviews directly on  your site, however they should be moderated and reviewed and bad rates should be addressed as quickly as possible. By offering your visitors and customers reviews on your other products from your previous buyers you can now offer them insight without that person leaving your site and looking it up somewhere else.

These interactions can be taken a step further with some type of gamification. Now gamification does not mean your website needs to have some type of game feature in it. Just by rewarded or giving recondition or a user for their interaction in your website to other social networks can be enough. By keeping your visitors engaged on your site instead of visiting other social sites to talk about your site you are increasing your sites power and branding your company as a true authority. With new interactions and new social websites coming into popularity almost every day now it is important to keep on top of this and making interaction on these networks come to your site.

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